Legacy of Kain: is the return of vampires and demons near?

After years of speculation and rumors, perhaps now we are really close to the return of the saga Legacy of Kain. The video game series created by Crystal Dynamics in the early 2000s it is preparing to return, at least according to an Xbox insider.

Kain is Raziel they could make their appearance on the new generation consoles and return to the PC, not in a totally new video game but in an updated version of the previous chapters.

2021 could see the return of Legacy of Kain

With Crystal Dynamics currently working on Marvel’s Avengers with a new roadmap, some of its previous hits and franchises have remained in limbo, some even for many years. These include Legacy of Kain, a much-loved fan-favorite series that saw its debut in 1997 with Blood Omen and concluded in 2004 with the fifth title published, Defiance.

The franchise attempted to restart in two distinct moments: the first with the announcement of a sequel entitled Dead Sun in 2009, then canceled from production in 2012, while the second linked to free to play Nosgoth, active from 2013 to 2016.

Since the closure of the Nosgoth servers there has been no news about the saga and only today, thanks to the insider Shpeshal Nick, something seems to be moving at Square Enix, owner of the rights to the game.

There are no major details regarding the title dedicated to Legacy of Kain, except that it won’t be a new chapter or remake, but rather a remaster. Also in this case it is not yet known which of the 5 titles will be redone, but logic dictates it to be Blood Omen or Soul Reaver, the first chapters dedicated to Kain, the first is Raziel, The second one.

Fans of Legacy of Kain have been waiting for years for a new title to get their hands on and will still be happy to be able to replay one of the first titles with renewed graphics and suitable for new generation consoles.

Also according to the insider, the announcement of this remaster will come on the occasion of The Game Awards or Gamescom. Obviously this is speculation and only time and the Guardians of the Pillars will be able to reveal the truth to us.

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