LEGO and Nintendo are going to launch another great set, what will it be?

The collaboration between nintendo and lego It is relatively recent, but the products that have come out of this marriage have quickly become the object of desire of many collectors. As is almost always the case, a list of products from this collaboration that will go on sale this year has been leaked. Among all the products, a surprising new set that will cost 229 dollars.

Another great LEGO x Nintendo set would be on the way

According to a recent filtration of Eugene Toy & Hobbya new set of nine LEGO x Nintendo products they would be out this year 2022. The list was published for just a few minutes on their website. Various outlets echoed and quickly, the products were removed. However, the medium VGC managed to capture the list in time.

The list of products that appeared in Toy & Hobby It coincides exactly with another publication that the German site made promobricks at the end of last year. That source, at the time, assured that these new LEGO products would come out on August 1, 2022, only prices were not published. Now that we do have them, we can fit the pieces together and make ourselves a clearer figure:

  • LEGO 71403 (unconfirmed) – $59.99
  • LEGO 71404 (unconfirmed) – $9.99 USD
  • LEGO 71405 (unconfirmed) – $19.99
  • LEGO 71406 (unconfirmed) – $29.99
  • LEGO 71407 (unconfirmed) – $79.99
  • LEGO 71408 (unconfirmed) – $129.99
  • LEGO 71409 (unconfirmed) – $69.99
  • LEGO 71410 (unconfirmed) – $5.99
  • LEGO 71411 +18 (unconfirmed) – $229.99

What could be under the mystery of these kits?


The most sensible thing would be to think that we would be before new super mario kits, a formula that has worked wonderfully for Nintendo and LEGO. The first set of all, that is, the 71403has a price similar to the original Super Mario kit with interactive figures, so it would be a starter kit.

On the other hand, the model 71408 could be one major expansion of the base product that we discussed in the previous paragraph. This would be a fairly similar strategy to last year’s releases, which were the Luigi’s Mansion starter kit and the Haunted Mansion which was released as a standalone pack.

However, what is most intriguing is the last item on the list, the 71411. Both its price and its ‘+18’ label invite us to think that it is a great producton a par with the marvelous interactive NES or the huge question mark cube inspired by the Super Mario 64 universe.

What if it wasn’t a Super Mario kit?

lego animal crossing

Even so, the leak does not guarantee that this list of products is yes or yes from the Mario Bros. franchise. It is the most obvious, since all the products that have been launched in the collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo are of this type, but other alternatives should not be ruled out. LEGO has already shown that they are very interested in producing video game-inspired toys, announcing that Horizon: Forbidden West will have its own set in May this year. Therefore, we should not rule out LEGO being interested in other interesting Nintendo IPs, such as Animal Crossing, which could give a lot of play in your creative universe of bricks and collectibles. In addition, fans have been asking LEGO for many years for active and passive.

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