LEGO + ASMR: Cutting a salmon has never been so pleasant

A few years ago, a animation short stop-motion about a chef making guacamole went viral and was even nominated for several major awards. The video, which lasted only a minute and a half, inspired many artists, who realized that works like this are really well valued by the public. The latest craze in the world of stop motion is a chef preparing salmon step by step and with LEGO pieces. If you enjoyed watching Pingu, you can’t miss this.

Stop motion and lots of LEGO pieces for a 1: 1 salmon

I Like Home is a animation expert stop motion. His YouTube channel has approximately two hundred thousand subscribers, and for a little over a year he has been uploading videos to the «cooking» platform with LEGO pieces. He has made tortillas, skewers, melted cheese, and even a chocolate fountain. Everything, obviously, with movement, that is, making thousands of photographs and modifications in their models to create the illusion of movement based on creating frames.

His latest genius already has more than four million views. In the video we see a chef who takes a Salmon —Which is obviously made to scale 1: 1 And it’s huge — and you start cooking with it. First of all, do the unpleasant part, which is to end the life of the poor animal, because until that moment, the poor bug was alive and well.

He then slices it open and opens it in half with the same skill as a professional chef, displaying the lego figure interior, which is extremely well worked. With the help of a knife, simulate that clean the scales from the animal’s skin and access the scrape. The whole process is accompanied by a series of ASMR type sounds, which are also completed with the «visual trigger» which is already the animation itself.

Finally, our LEGO chef plates his creation by making small LEGO sheets with salmon loin, and place the sashimi strips on a bowl of rice. On top, place the strips in a circular way along with a little wasabi and a few small salmon roe to decorate the plate, which enters through the eyes, even if it is all plastic. Finally, you sit down at the table, pour yourself some soy sauce, and eat your fantastic creation alongside an iced tea.

According to the artist, to do whats 3 minutes of video, you have needed to perform more than 3,000 photos. But the worst is not that, but it has taken approximately one month in making the small short, and if we add the parts that he has discarded, the creator says he has made in total more than 10,000 photos to make this stop motion. The result is simply spectacular, and if you liked this animation, we invite you to visit their channel, because it has many more equally relaxing videos that are worth watching for the amount of effort involved in creating them and the originality they waste.

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