LEGO celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Spice Girls with this nice set

What can be said about the Spice Girls if you didn’t live it. It’s complicated to explain, but if you put on the radio or television in the late 90s, it was almost impossible for them not to appear singing some of their songs.

And some of his songs were almost always wannabethat melody that was impossible to get out of your brain if they didn’t perform an exorcism on you.

A curious female response to boy band of handsome masculine men (so fashionable then too), the Spice Girls they represented the girl power and, as if they were perfectly manufactured Avengers, each one represented an archetype: the athlete, the innocent, the posh

And if you are a fan, now you can immortalize them and keep them company forever in the form of LEGO.

The 25th anniversary set of the Spice Girls, within the BrickHeadz series

The truth is that the celebration of LEGO is somewhat curious, because this set that reproduces the five components of that legendary British group, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the album’s release spiceworld in 1997.

But make no mistake, it’s not the record spice 1996 with the famous song by wannabe (undoubtedly the most famous of the group), but the next. That it also burst in sales, but it is not the same. In fact, it already marked the rapid and usual decline of this class of bands, manufactured to the millimeter to sell for catchy music and physical attractiveness.

the lego-set reproduces the five components and little else, since it hardly has any accessoriessuch as a stand microphone, a handheld microphone and little else.

And it is that this set is part of the BrickHeaz line, that tries to reproduce and that you build, in a cartoonish way, characters from popular culture. From Batman to Uncle Scrooge, passing now through the Spice Girls.

With 578 pieces and set number 40548you have sculpted the different components with some of their most identifying characteristics.

Geri comes in her British flag dress, Mel B. in leopard print, Mel C sporty as always, Victoria elegant in a black dress and Emma in a pink dress and lollipop, to emphasize that innocent look that the producers wanted to give her. .

On a base to give them stability, you can show them off, together or separately on your shelves.

The truth is that the construction should not be a problem for any fan of LEGO and the figures are approximately 8 centimeters high by 5 wide and 5 deep. Nor will you have difficulty so that they do not clash too much with the thousands of funkos or LEGO sets you have laying around.

You got it at the official LEGO store for 50 euros you’re welcome, 10 for Spice Girl

As you can see, LEGO has really set out to fulfill that saying that there is practically a LEGO for everything that exists. If you are a fan of the group, or know someone who is, you know. Difficult to make a better gift.

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