LEGO denounces a weapons manufacturer that used a design similar to its blocks

A gun can never be for children

Under the name of Block19, the Utah company Culper Precision sold until recently a special edition of the famous Glock pistol pistol that attracts attention for having a colorful motif based on the famous lego blocks. And it is that this gun has the classic LEGO protrusions in which to connect the authentic blocks of the toys, at the same time that it enjoys a very colorful style that attracts a lot of attention.

This causes several problems. The first, that Culper Precision is using the LEGO image to sell its product, when precisely the brand has not given any type of permission for it. And second, perhaps the most obvious and dangerous, and that is that the gun appeared to be a toy behind all those colored blocks. Just the opposite of what a weapon must be.

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As they point in The Guardian, in the months of March to December 2020, the deaths of children from gun accidents increased by 31%, basically due to the increase in children’s time at home due to the pandemic. So selling toy-looking weapons is not a good argument at all.

This situation led the non-profit organization Everytown for Gun Safety to inform LEGO about the existence of Block19, and perhaps with this action LEGO decided to take action on the matter, since the toy giant got down to work and got what many had been looking for for a long time: cancel the sale of a gun.

What about Block19?

Finally, LEGO decided to send a cease and desist to Culper Precision requesting the recall of the product, and after consulting with its attorneys, the brand was forced to recall its product due to having the lost case before starting it. And it is that, who happens to camouflage a gun as a toy?

After these events, the brand does not seem to be very sorry, and has used the networks to send the message “people have the right to personalize their property so that they look how they want”. The speech of freedom of expression is very good, but as you will understand, it had no possible defense in this case.

Luckily, the weapon has been withdrawn from the Culper Precision catalog, although a trace of the model still remains on its social networks, so it will hardly be forgotten soon. Even so, the important thing is that the weapon does not reach homes, since its appearance is a danger in the eyes of the little ones.

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