LEGO is preparing a Zelda set and Nintendo doesn’t want anyone to know

Zelda Deku Tree LEGO

We have been suspecting for quite some time that LEGO and Nintendo they were forging a new collaboration, as everything pointed to Zelda being the next big IP to hit the blocky world. Well, it seems that we are getting closer to the moment, since many details of a future set that Nintendo is trying to hide at all costs have been revealed.

The Great Deku Tree in LEGO

Zelda port PC

It is one of the many iconic elements of the Zelda saga. The Great Deku Tree has generated many challenges within the narrative of The Legend of Zelda, so it was a very interesting proposal to bring to life in the form of a LEGO collection.

It seems that the set will be a 2 in 1 typesince it will allow to create both the tree with the aesthetics of Ocarina of Time like the one we could see in Breath of the Wild. This will give a lot of freedom to the users, who will be able to choose the layout according to their preferences and change it back later when they feel like it.

The set could have a total of 1,920 piecesand some mini figures of Link (in green and blue depending on the version we want) and Princess Zelda would be included, and as the first filtered images show, we can choose between green leaves and pink flowers depending on the season that we want to define with the tree.

Not announced, but almost

At the moment, neither Nintendo nor LEGO have made any statements regarding the existence of the set. There is absolutely nothing confirmed about it, however, LEGO is being forced to take down all kinds of videos posted on YouTube that talk about the supposed set. This, obviously, has only raised suspicions even more, since in case all the information was false, LEOG would simply have turned a deaf ear.

Knowing that, now the only thing left to know is when we will see the set in stores, and mainly, at what price, since it will be something quite important that could determine the success of the set. It is said that it could be around 250 euros, a more or less expected price considering the number of pieces it includes and the importance of having the Nintendo seal (something that makes the product even more expensive due to licenses).

Via: Eurogamer

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