LEGO Marvel: photo leak of the New Asgard set with Thor, Korg, Miek and also Noobmaster69

The first images of a new set have appeared online LEGO which reproduces one of the funniest and “bullshit” scenes in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe: we are talking about Thor’s house in New Asgard.

The humble abode (actually a real hovel) that the God of Thunder shares together with Miek is Korg, with the unlikely trio spending their time playing Fortnite, drinking beer, and eating pizza, it’s arguably one of the most hilarious moments of Avengers: Endgame, so much so that it entered the collective imagination like other cult sequences in the cinecomic of the Russo brothers.

The LEGO Marvel New Asgard set of beer, burps, pizza and Fortnite

The LEGO Marvel 76200 set is a mini diorama of the messy New Asgard house, with the three minifigures of the fancazzisti protagonists sprawled on the sofa while having fun and cursing against the usual Noobmaster69, whose name appears on the TV screen of the set itself.

It is very likely that the set LEGO Marvel New Asgard will be officially unveiled during the upcoming LEGO CON scheduled for today.

The set in question, whose debut on the shelves is scheduled for next August, will be sold at a price of 29.99 euros.

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