LEGO now has IKEA-style furniture and you’re going to want them all

If you are a fan of LEGO, you are going to love this. Now you can add a touch of style to your home, without giving up your favorite hobby and without turning it into something similar to a ball park. LEGO has released a line of small furniture, very much in the style of IKEA, and you will really like what it brings and what you can do with it. The truth is that it is very original and curious, even for those who are not fans of LEGO.

The obsession with LEGO can now literally reach the last corner of your house. The toy brand has teamed up with the Danish company Room Copenhagen to create a line of small furniture and decoration accessories in the style of LEGO pieces.

Luckily, this has not again consisted of taking the pieces and making them big, colorful and with a plastic texture. LEGO already has such a line, called classic and, well, for a child’s room or for thematic corners it is fine. However, with this initiative, you want to jump to the whole house and integrate into any decoration.

The design, inspired by LEGO elements, is made of elegant wood in various colors, which gives a rustic and natural atmosphere to the room you want to decorate in this way.

Of course, that does not mean giving up that the LEGO brand that you carry in your heart is not recognizable. The silhouette of its pieces is unmistakable and the Lego logo is at each assemblage point.

The truth is that taste has been taken care of and a very interesting line has been created.

What furniture do we have in this new LEGO line and how much is it worth?

LEGO is a Danish brand, which was born in 1932 in a carpentry, with which this line of furniture and accessories in the Ikea style connects with those origins and with those first wooden pieces, which are now legendary and very difficult to find.

It is not strange then that it has been inspired by its past, and in the tradition of Nordic furniture, to bring us small furniture and accessories composed of:

  • frames for paintings and photos.
  • Shelves for books.
  • Drawers desktop.

Obviously these designs are considerably more expensive than its classic plastic line. While, in the latter, a drawer is about 20 euros, in the new line we find it for more than 200. The book shelves are about 140 euros and the paintings for about 99 euros in pack of three.

Wooden Lego Crate

And if you have any of that classic colorful line, fear not. Have wanted to do compatible plastic furniture that had until now with these new wooden ones, so that they can be combined and displayed together.

This is not the first time that LEGO and Room Copenhagen collaborate on something like that. They had already made small shelves in the shape of game pieces, or even other collectibles like a lunch box. However, it is the first time that they have opted for wood and an elegant style and for everyone.

The truth is that they fit perfectly into any modern and tasteful design. So, if you’ve always wanted to give your home a touch of style and fun at the same time, these LEGO furniture are a very interesting option.

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