LEGO surprises again: look out for this Super Mario 64 cube

A very special unknown

As you can see in the official video published on the Nintendo account, the next LEGO set is shaped like a block with a question mark, the famous icon of the Mario saga that always gives us the opportunity to get a valuable item. Well, the surprise this time comes in the form of a hidden world, since when trying to open, a system of elastics and moving parts will give life to the world of Super Mario 64 in miniature.

The cube hides in its interior 4 very recognizable areas of the super mario 64 world, since we will find Peach’s Castle, the first level of the game Bo-omb Battlefield, the snow mountain Cool, cool mountain and the dangerous lava world of Lethal Lava Trouble. All are very recognizable areas for those who have played Super Mario 64, so they will surely enjoy assembling the entire set.

The details are so great that they have even included Yoshi hiding on the roof of the castle. What other secrets will be hidden by this set?

LEGO Castle Super Mario 64

A miniature world

LEGO Super Mario 64

The build has used a microfigure design to be able to include many of the game’s characters anecdotally. So we can find Mario, Princess Peach, King Bob-omb, Big Bully, Mr. I, penguin and baby penguin and even Lakitu and his hanging camera.

In total, the set makes one of 2,064 piecesSo it’s not one of the biggest LEGO sets, but we’re pretty sure it will be one of the most special. Its peculiar cubic shape with the unmistakable logo of the question mark and the deployment mechanism with the mini inner world, make it a spectacular set that every lover of Nintendo and the Mario saga should have in their showcases.

Like other LEGO sets in the Nintendo and Super Mario collection, we can also use the Mario with an LED screen in the new cube to get coins and new bonuses, so now you have another excuse to continue expanding the collection.

When can it be purchased?

The new set Super Mario 64? Block can be purchased next October 1 in the LEGO online store and official stores with a price of 169.99 euros, and it will not be until 2022 when we see it in the rest of the distributors.

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