LEGO Technic; the most adult range of blocks and their sets

That makes many technical LEGO models can be controlled remotely, move by themselves with an electric motor or have advanced functionalities that make them interactive and complex.

LEGO Technic was released in 1977 as part of its series Expert Builder, which contained more complex building instructions for older children to build larger models, not suitable for standard construction kits designed for younger audiences.

Over time, LEGO Technic has been making use of new technologies of each era. Therefore, currently it even has a mobile application that you can download from here, both for iOS and Android.

The app It provides personalized experiences based on the LEGO Technic vehicle you own, as well as allowing you to control and drive it from your mobile. In this way, the fun and challenge is even greater.

Who is it focused on

Who is Lego Technic for

Basically to the LEGO enthusiast who wants to go further than most when it comes to the challenge of complexity in construction.

Also, to older children who have concerns about engineering, mechanics or how things work and, in general, to anyone who wants to build with their own hands and see how their creations come to life. Of course, also for motor and vehicle enthusiasts.

Although it is suitable for almost any age, obviously not recommended for children under 6 years. And that depends on the kit, because if we want to give them to children, some sets for the older age group would require some supervision from a responsible adult who does not work at El Output.

Anyway, LEGO gives an age orientation on your LEGO Technic kits. That easily guides us if we want to gift someone and we are not sure if a specific set from the Technic line will be suitable or not.

The best LEGO Technic models

If many traditional LEGO models are spectacular, some from LEGO Technic are really on another level, at least when it comes to the detail and capabilities of the set.

That’s why we highly recommend these LEGO Technic vehicles and kits.

The new Batmobile from The Batman, the best set if you read The Output

The Lego Technic Batmobile

Let’s see, it is impossible that we do not start the recommendations here. In March 2022 the new movie arrives The batman by Matt Reeves and your Batmobile design also kicks off the year at LEGO Technic.

Also, for a fairly contained price (for LEGO levels) of 99.99 euros.

You have it in the official LEGO store and, of course, they have perfectly captured the essence of the vehicle, even in the interior details.

The set number is 42127 and it has 1360 pieces. One last.

Land Rover Defender, for those who want a construction challenge

With 2573 pieces, if you want a challenge to your skills Within the LEGO Technic line, the Land Rover Defender is going to give it to you.

A truly faithful reproduction, which has inside a 4 speed gearbox. Yes, no kidding, this is the level of some technical LEGOs.

Hood, cabin and cases that open, for a set with the reference 42110 and a price of about 137 euros about.

Ducati Panigale, the LEGO Technic for motorcycle lovers

In fire red color comes this superbike Ducati Panigale V4 R, which shows that technical LEGOs aren’t just about 4-wheelers.

The gearbox is 2-speed, has suspension, transmission chain and, in general, all the details for motorcycle fans.

It does not need batteries, it has the set number 42107 and 646 pieces.

McLaren Senna GTR, for racing car fans

If you want to build a V8 engine and one of the most iconic vehicles, in honor of the legendary Ayrton Senna, you have this LEGO Technician set with 830 pieces and kit number 47123.

There are many other legendary vehicles in the LEGO Technic line, such as the Lamborghini Sian or the Corvette ZR 1, but Senna deserves this little tribute.

In fact, if you are a lover of legendary cars and movies, you also have the Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger from the movie Fast and furious within the LEGO Technic line.

Volvo Dumper 6 × 6 truck, a tipper to expose to visitors

One of the most popular LEGO Technic sets complete information on what you can do, and also one of the most spectacular (and expensive).

With 2193 pieces, it is a challenge that you can handle by radio control with the app, in addition to running your dump truck.

It will certainly turn heads where you put it.

The LEGO Technic space shuttle, the most coveted set

Very difficult to find, but Space shuttle has been one of the most highly rated LEGO Technic sets ever of the line, and also one of the most spectacular.

It was marketed from 1996 to 1998, has 1,368 pieces and set number 8480-1. That gives an idea of ​​its age.

With optical and electrical fiber, it is very curious, because it also gives an idea of ​​how the designs of this LEGO division have evolved.

The Lego Technic of the Space Shuttle

As you can see, if you want to go to the next level in your creative hobby, LEGO Technic are what you are looking for. Its variety is enormous and its spectacularity is beyond doubt.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could receive a small commission if you buy something of what we show you here. However, as soon as you see the best technical LEGO that we have chosen, it is obvious that there have been no external influences in the selection of products, nor has any brand had anything to say in the content.

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