Lenovo enters the war: this is its Legion Play portable console

It had to have been presented or at least shown to the public, but it was hidden for a few months until today it has been leaked with details. The new from Lenovo comes to carve out a niche where SONY failed with PS Vita and curiously where before it succeeded with PSP. The gaming sector enters to compete against smartphones with bets like this, what news does it bring and how can it compete?

Lenovo Legion Play: Custom Android and much more

This console has been about to be presented according to the leaks that have occurred in the last hours, since Lenovo Germany and Japan had photos on their websites for MWC 2021, but it was finally withdrawn without a trace and without giving explanations.

Therefore, it is a fact that this Legion Play is finished in concept and form, we are not talking about a console with a view to being created, it is a project that is about to be launched. When? Lenovo may be thinking about the CES 2022 for this January. This is not confirmed and they are just rumors, so we go with what they have shown and it is more tangible.

We see a console of considerable dimensions that is cataloged as the first console for gaming with games in the cloud, that is, it allows the user to play hundreds of streaming games, transmit the library of it and even play games from the Play Store.

Concise, but very interesting hardware specs


Although they are not confirmed, the leaking reveals a bezel-less screen of 7 inches with resolution FHD in format 16: 9 which also comes certified with HDR 10, so it may be OLED. It has several pushbuttons, vibration on the dual joysticks, two speakers and a battery of no less than 7,000 mAh.

However, up to that point it can be read, since there is no information whatsoever about its SoC or any details of frequencies, memory or the like. But at this point there is an interesting rumor that could change the scenario of portable consoles, since it is said behind the scenes that it could be a smartphone with portable console functionality or vice versa, and even a hybrid between the two.

Why? Well, for a very simple reason that only the most observers have appreciated: a signal strength icon in the purest Android smartphone style. Does this console have a site watching the competition? Are we facing a passing fad where thousands of users are going to invest their money so that the losing options are left without support when they do not rent the company that designed them? Unanswered questions at the moment, but it seems clear that portable consoles are gaining ground again and this may have repercussions on the smartphone market.

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