Lenovo, Xiaomi, Zeuslap: today’s best deals at AliExpress

During the anniversary of AliExpress, the sign offers you several offers at bargain prices. Among them, there is a wide selection of tablets, screens or even PCs at low prices. Find today’s best deals below.

The AliExpress birthday continues until April 2 at 9 a.m. For the occasion, the Chinese brand offers you many discounts and we have decided to present you with the most interesting offers of the day.

So, by going to AliExpress right now and redeeming the code SDFRP001, you can for example get the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet with 256GB of SSD storage for only €328.42 instead of €373.42. It is offered by the official Xiaomi France store and shipped from France for delivery in 7 days.

At Xioami, AliExpress also offers you a 34-inch curved ultrawide gaming monitor for only €339 instead of €399, a reduction of €60 possible thanks to the code SDFRP023. The screen is sold by the Xiaomi Youpin store and delivered from France in 5 days.

Tablets and touch PCs at bargain prices at AliExpress

AliExpress also offers you several tablets from the Lenovo brand. Thanks to the code SDFRP015, you can for example get the Lenovo Tab P11 tablet running Android 11 4G for only €147 instead of €169. This tablet is shipped by the Tele Geek store from France. It is delivered free of charge in France in 5 days.

Do you like the Lenovo brand? Good news: AliExpress also offers you the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro tablet at a low price. By using the code SDFRP022, the latter is indeed available for 239€ instead of 269€. It is also shipped by Tele Geek France from France and delivered free of charge in 5 days.

Finally, today at AliExpress, you can also take advantage of a Zeuslap 15.6-inch portable touchscreen monitor for only €100 instead of €135. To benefit from this exceptional price, you just have to use the code SDFRP026. It is shipped by the official Zeuslap Official store

Please note that all these offers are only available until April 2 in the morning. Also, volumes are limited and stocks run out quickly.

This article is a sponsored post offered by AliExpress.

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