Lenovo’s Smart Clock 2 arrives with Google Assistant and charges Qi

An alarm clock with a display and other extras

Currently there is a catalog of smart devices designed to be used at home that is quite interesting due to its variety. There are practically all kinds of proposals, with or without a screen, with greater or lesser sound quality, different finishes, prices, etc.

Among all of them, some seem to be starting to attract much more user attention. One of them is that of smart devices with a screen. These provide a series of advantages that, depending on the space where they are to be placed, allow them to get more out of a conventional smart speaker without a screen.

Along these lines, Lenovo has launched its new Smart Clock 2, a proposal that continues to bet on Google Assistant as an intelligent voice assistant through which to interact with all the integration options it offers, home automation, etc., and a very interesting extra feature: a base of wireless charging.

That is to say, as if it were a kind of typical dock that many of us know to use mainly with mobile phones, the base for the new smartwatch with a screen what you do is to a certain extent is that: expand its possibilities by adding a base that will allow several additional options.

The first and most useful is add a wireless charging zone where you can leave your phone (even the iPhone with MagSafe), your headphones with a case compatible with Qi standard, etc., and they will load. In addition, it will also act as a night light that with a fairly soft intensity, according to Lenovo, is ideal to be used as ambient light.

If, in addition to all this, you add a quite striking design and with three color options (dark gray, blue and a slightly lighter gray, the only thing that is missing to finish convincing more than one is to publicize its price.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2, price and availability

Lenovo’s new smart alarm clock with a screen will cost around 80 or 90 euros taking into account that in the United States the starting price will be $ 89.99. And regarding the release date, it is expected to arrive in September of this year.

Therefore, if you were considering the idea of ​​introducing a device of this type at home or in the office, with all the advantages that the use of a clock with a screen can have on a day-to-day basis, the truth is that Lenovo’s solution does not seems to be a bad option.

And it is also necessary to recognize that the latest launches of the brand are being quite successful, not only in issues such as smart home and the use of voice assistants. A few days ago we knew a laptop with a very elegant design and even more interesting features that made it an option even for those who were looking for something with a gaming profile in terms of hardware, but without so many RGB lights.

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