Less heat and less noise thanks to these silent fans

These fans have as a common feature, reduced maximum operating speeds. This parameter directly affects the airflow and static pressure, which is lower than other fans. In spite of everything, if we have a PC tower with an open front and it is located close to the ground, it should not be a major problem.

Silent fans recommended

These silent fans that we have chosen and that we would use in our equipment. They are solutions of recognized brands and that more than meet the established requirements.

Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM

We do not leave, for now, the Austrian manufacturer to bring you another very interesting option. the range chromax.Black is the adaptation of its classic fans to the modern designs. They have painted their classic fans in black, to make them more “universal” than products in the typical colors of the brand. In addition, it includes support for the color anchoring system that they have created to give them a little more color.

About these fans, say that they are somewhat more powerful than the previous ones and more versatile. They have a shutdown system for semi-passive systems, so they shut down when there’s no load. The rotation speed, being PWM, varies between 450 RPM and 1850 RPM. It greatly increases the rotation speed of these fans, but the maximum loudness is 23.9 dBA and have a consumption of less than 1.6 W.

Also note that these fans are slim profile. This means that these fans are more compact than other models, with a thickness of only 15mm. Above all, it is ideal for compact PC chassis.

Corsair ML120 Pro

We do not consider that this manufacturer, which offers all kinds of components and peripherals, needs an introduction. Corsair for years has been one of the leaders in the refrigeration industry, with very good quality products. It has lighting, which we can manage through the company’s own software, the iCUE.

The truth is that it stands out for being one of the most powerful we have found so far. This operates between 400 RPM and 1600 RPM, so we will have a huge flow of air. The sound is quite well achieved, reaching the 25dBjust in the margin that we have selected.


Among all the options that we have seen, these are the ones that break the most with everything. They stand out, first of all, for being in White color, while the rest are either of unusual colors or black. In addition, it is one of the few silent fans that we have found with lighting.

Mars Gaming fans are characterized by a reduced frame design and argb lighting. This model of fan is completely white, ideal if you want to mount a setup of this color. But, not everything is pretty in this fan and it is that it uses a three-pin connector, so does not offer PWM support. Has a fixed rotation speed of 1100 RPMbut with a very low noise level, only 14 dBA. Consumption also stands out, which is 1.8W, the highest of all those chosen, something that is due to the lighting it includes.

Other interesting models

There are other interesting fans on the market that may be interesting and that, logically, have a noise level of less than 25 dBA. Any of the ones you choose is an excellent option, since they are fans of very good quality and performance.

Noctua NF-P12 Redux PWM

The Austrian manufacturer is widely recognized in the industry for offering some of the best refrigeration products. night usually offers visually unattractive colors, but its quality is widely recognized. Although it has begun to open up to other colors, beyond the classic brown and gray tones, it continues to focus on quality and avoid elements that do not contribute anything, such as RGB.

The Redux range of Noctua is characterized by being very good quality and low noise. All the fans in this range are grayish tones, at the moment, the brand does not have them in other more “gaming” colors.

Regarding the characteristics of this fan, as its name indicates, it is of PWM format. This means that the rotation speed varies according to the needs of each moment. Has a minimum rotation speed of 300 RPM and reaches up to 1300 RPM. The best is the level of sonoritythat is of 19.8 dBA with a consumption of 0.6W apneas.

BeQuiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM

We go to another well-known component manufacturer, especially for its huge heatsinks and its excellent power supplies. Among the products it offers, it has a range of fans of very good quality and performance. Highlight that very recently they have presented the Silent Wings 4, but at the moment they are difficult to find in the market.

These fans are characterized by having a special blade design to generate a good vortex of air that helps cool the components. Do these fans have a rotation speed up to 1450 RPM (the minimum is not indicated) with a maximum loudness of 16.4 dBA, this very well. A very good option to cool our system efficiently with low noise.

Noise blocker NB-eLoop PWM

Little-known brand, but what it has in its favor is that it is from german design, something that assures us quite good quality. Something that stands out is that it is in black or with a black chassis and colored blades, to suit everyone. It is a quite interesting option with quite a few good reviews on Amazon.

Said fan has a thickness of 25 mm, which is the standard in most fans. Something that I play in his favor is that he is de PWM typebeing able to work between 400 RPM and 1500 RPM. It has a very low noise level due to its special design, reaching only the 14dBso it becomes a more than interesting option.

We do not recommend buying

These are not intrinsically bad products, but they leave us with a lot of doubts or are uninteresting products. Above all, these fans lack PWM support, so they work at a fixed rotation speed.

upHere 12BK3-3

Among all the options we have, this one has caught our attention. kit of three fans. It seems to have quite a few good reviews on Amazon, although some users complain that they are louder than indicated. The good thing is that if they are not what we expected we can return them without major problems.

We have a kit of three low-noise fans, ideal for any setup. These three fans stand out for being completely black, being a classic, simple design that combines with any hardware. These fans have a problem and that is that they are based on a three-pin connector, so they can only operate at one 1200 RPM rotation speed. The good thing is that they have a sound of as low as 19 dBA and a consumption of 1.44 W, which is not bad at all.

Akasa Silent Blue

It’s not even remotely the option we’d recommend, but it’s economical and functional. For an old system or if we mount a home NAS with an old computer, it can be a good option. It also doesn’t feature a modern design, rather reminiscent of early fan modding.

This Akasa fan offers a three-pin connector, so not PWM type. Work all the time at 1200RPM speedbut the noise level is quite low, only 17.5 dBA. It is true that it has certain things that do not make it attractive, such as a fixed speed fan, but it is a very cheap fan, so it may be a good option at any given time.

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