Less than 10 € per month: this is the cheap offer of Free for 80 GB in 4G

[Le Deal du jour] In this start of the 2021 school year, mobile operators are all going with their little promos to make you change your aging plan. Free does not intend to play spectators and once again offers its non-binding mobile plan with 80 GB of 4G data at 9.99 euros per month for the first year.

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This is not the first time (nor the last?) That Free has offered such a package, but it is clear that it is particularly attractive for its price. For 9.99 euros per month for a year, the operator gives you 80 GB of 4G data to use throughout France with even an envelope to use from abroad. In addition, it is always without commitment, but that, we are used to.

The Free 80 GB package in detail // Source: Free

Note that an additional 10 euros are required to obtain the new triple-cut SIM card. It is also possible to keep your current phone number by simply providing the RIO code of your mobile line when registering.

To better understand the offer

Free has become in a few years one of the major players in mobile telephony, slashing prices in an already highly competitive market. Xavier Niel’s firm owns nearly 20,000 4G antennas in mainland France, covers more than 99% of the territory with 4G LTE and now nearly 80% with 5G (all frequencies combined). Beyond the quality of its network, it is above all the prices charged and the services offered via its mobile offers that make the difference, always without any commitment.

  • What exactly does the new Free 80 Go package include?

The Free plan at 9.99 euros per month for one year gives access to unlimited calls, SMS, MMS in mainland France, as well as an 80 GB 4G data envelope, which can be used anywhere in France. From Europe and the overseas departments, calls, SMS, MMS are also unlimited to a French number, or vice versa. A 10 GB data envelope is even planned from these same destinations.

  • What happens after the first year?

This package is priced at 9.99 euros per month for one year only, but without commitment. This means that you are free to cancel at any time before the price change. However, at the end of the first year, Free switches your plan to another much more supplied with data with 150 GB usable in 4G but also in 5G. A very practical deal, if you plan to change your smartphone to a model compatible with the new mobile network within a year. In this case, no need to change the plan. Especially since the price remains quite competitive with only 19.99 euros per month, and this time promised, no price change, even after the first year.

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Sure: you are paying too much for your 4G plan

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