Let nothing interrupt your game: fix any errors on Steam

The sound, or audio, does not work

Although there are players who do not enjoy the soundtracks of the games and tend to play while listening to other things, if we are one of those who like to have our headphones and listen to each melody thoroughly, that the sound of a game does not work correctly can become a nightmare. These problems can be due to a multitude of factors, such as the use of conflicting third-party software, specific problems with the cache of a game, and even having the wrong audio output selected.

If we come across this problem, in addition to trying all of the above, we can try to fix it as follows:

  • Make sure we have the corresponding audio output device selected.
  • Update the PC sound drivers.
  • Uninstall conflicting audio programs, such as Sonic Studio or MSI Audio.
  • Uninstall the manufacturer’s driver and use the generic one from Windows.

If we continue to have problems, the most radical thing would be to uninstall the game completely and reinstall it. In addition, we should also try other speakers / headphones to rule out problems with the current sound device.

Problems downloading from Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop is, broadly speaking, the community of this platform. In it, users can publish and share all kinds of content with which to improve the gaming experience of the players. The most common that we can find in this section are mods for games. These downloads can fail for a multitude of reasons, but the most frequent solutions we can find are the following:

  • Delete all previously downloaded mods.
  • Clear the download cache to remove possible corrupted data.
  • Exit the Steam Beta and use the stable version.
  • Try downloading the mods from Big Picture mode.
  • Change the download region to eliminate specific problems with servers.

Of course, the general solutions that we saw at the beginning of the article can also help to eliminate these problems and be able to download the content without problems.

Voice chat is not working

In addition to being able to buy and download games easily, Steam has other very interesting tools with which to try that players can be comfortable using the platform. And one of them is voice chat. To open a chat room with a friend, all we have to do is open the chat from the friends list and, by clicking the button that appears on the right side, start a voice chat.

Steam Chat Voice disabled

If this doesn’t work, we need to check the following:

  • Make sure we have a micro connected to the PC, and that Windows recognizes it without problems.
  • Check that we have selected the microphone as the audio input device.
  • Log out of Steam on all other computers and leave only the main one.
  • Allow Steam to use the microphone in Windows.
  • Deactivate the audio enhancements that we may have activated on the PC.
  • Review the privacy options in Windows.

If this voice chat still does not work, we can turn to other alternatives to be able to communicate with the players. We must also make sure that our friend is connected, or else we will not be able to start the chat.

Friends list does not load

Another quite common problem that we can find is that the list of friends does not load. By default, when we open Steam, we will be “connected”, and we can see the list of friends, what each of them is playing, and talk (if we want) with them. However, if this list of friends does not load, then we must try to detect, and solve, the problem that we have:

  • Restart internet devices.
  • Activate automatic login of friends list.
  • Disable Steam “offline mode”
  • Check the status of the servers.
  • Deactivate the energy saving modes of our computer.

It also does not hurt to review the privacy options of Steam, since too restrictive settings may be the reason why we cannot speak with other contacts.

Error codes on Steam

In addition to the above problems, we can also find that the program closes or does not work correctly and shows an error code. These codes allow us to better identify the possible causes of errors, helping us, of course, to find the best possible solution.

Error 102

This error message tells us that there is a problem trying to connect to Valve’s server. It usually appears, within the client itself, when we try to open some tabs that depend on a website, such as the profile or community page. It can also appear if we are disconnected from the Internet.

The only solutions for this error are to verify that we are connected to the Internet and that there are no problems with our connection, that the firewall is not blocking connections, and that the Steam server is not down.

Error 137

This error message is similar to the previous one, describing itself as “Failed to load web page (unknown error)”. It can be due to a multitude of factors, such as a blocking of our connection (by the firewall, for example), and a remote Steam problem, a corrupt cache and even failures in the client itself (by using the beta, for example).

We can try the following tricks to fix them:

  • Clear the Steam browser cache.
  • Restart the connection in Windows.
  • Clear DNS cache, or change DNS.
  • Check that the “SteamService.exe” process is not blocked.
  • Add Steam to the firewall whitelist.

Error 16

This error can appear when trying to open Steam or a game. Something happens during the execution process that prevents us from opening the client or the game that we want. This can be due to a multitude of factors, such as conflicting and incompatible programs in the background, a failure with the graphics drivers, RAM memory problems and even connection problems.

To try to fix it, we must try the following:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Close any programs that are running in the background.
  • Update Steam, games, Windows and drivers.
  • Reinstall the runtime libraries.
  • Free up space on your hard drive (if we are fair).

Error 80

This error code is very similar to the previous one, and it usually appears, especially when opening old games. To try to solve it, what we must try is the following:

  • Verify the integrity of the installed games.
  • Check the permissions of the Steam folder.
  • Review the processes that are running to eliminate possible conflicts.
  • Update the GPU drivers.
  • Use the Windows troubleshooter.

Error 53

This mistake is generally not our fault. When it appears, we can see a message telling us that Valve’s own servers are too busy and that we cannot connect to them. Since it’s not our fault, there’s not much we can do. But, if we want to make sure, we can try the following:

  • Check the status of the Steam servers.
  • Disable antivirus / Check firewall.
  • Change the download region.

Error 101

This error is similar to the previous one, but it can appear for many more causes. It can appear, for example, because there are really problems with the servers, either because they are saturated or down. But they can also appear for having our IP banned, for having a corrupt installation or because something is interfering with the connection (a firewall, a proxy, etc).

To solve it, what we must test is the following:

  • Check the status of the Steam servers.
  • Restart the PC, and the router. And change the DNS.
  • Clear the Steam cache.
  • Reinstall the client, or try the beta version.
  • Check if we can connect to the servers through a VPN.

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