Let’s save! So you can buy a cheaper iPad at Apple

If you are thinking of buying an iPad, but you want to save some moneyYou have several options within Apple’s own website. Yes, beyond temporary offers and promotions, Apple has two formulas for you to save money if you want to buy an iPad. So in this post we tell you how you can save, safely.

Apple sells refurbished iPads

Refurbishment is in, and Apple knows it. On the Apple website, or in the Apple Store application, you can buy refurbished equipment, from all Apple product families. In this case, the iPad section, displays a selection of products refurbished ones that you can buy at a discount.


in this category We are not going to find all the models. Nor will we be able to choose the iPad that we want and configure it to our liking, in terms of memory, connectivity, colors or engraving. They are, so to speak, predefined options. However, the discount they offer is not bad at all and it can pay off if you buy a higher-end iPad.

Apple Refurbished iPads do not come in the original iPad packaging, but instead come packaged in a box that says “Apple Refurbished.” Besides, offer the same warranty period as new equipment, accessories are new and have new battery and casing. Therefore, these are models that have been “tuned up” and offer the same performance and functionality as the iPad that you are going to use for the first time.

As for accessories, they are not always available. If you are looking for products like the Apple Pencil, it is already more difficult to find them on the official Apple website. As a general rule, Apple tends to sell the “main products”, so accessories such as covers and protectors do not fall under this program (at least to date, but things can change).

ipad refurbished apple

Student discount is another option

If you are a university student, or work in an educational institution, Apple has a specific section with discounts on all its products. Among them, the iPad. In this case, you can choose the model you want and customize it to your liking: color, size, connectivity, memory and engraving. These are not pre-selected models, as was the case in the previous case. And in this case, to have the discount, you have to verify your identity on the UNiDAYS platform, which is a discount aggregator service for university students. This, if you want to buy the iPad through the web.

iPad Air + magic

If you’re in a physical Apple Store, you can also buy an iPad at a discount if You present your student or teacher card. In the same store they will apply the discount directly to you, so it will not be necessary for you to verify your identity in UNiDAYS to access the offer. Of course, keep in mind that not all accessories for the iPad have a discount for the educational sector. Apple has a wide selection of products such as covers and Apple Pencil (both generations) that are discounted. However, you can apply this discount in an Apple Store in person, showing your card, if the accessory falls within the Apple student discount program.

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