Level 100 in Diablo IV: this is the cheat used by the first person to get it

Diablo IV dungeons

Diablo IV It is available to all those who pre-ordered the game (it will not officially go on sale until June 6), and among all those who have already been able to play (you have our gameplay with the first hour and a half of the game below ) there is a person who has drawn attention among the rest. And it is none other than rob2628, The first player to reach level 100.

The maximum level in Diablo IV

This was something that we already knew. The maximum character level that can be reached in Diablo IV is level 100, but to achieve it you will have to spend many hours until your character exceeds 100 steps. And it is that to achieve this we are going to have to finish thousands and thousands of demons, complete dungeons and overcome all possible difficulties while improving our weapons and accessories.

But, how many hours will we have to play to reach the final level 100? Luckily we already know the answer, although we are very afraid that it will not be an answer that works for everyone, since this user played for 54 hours resting only 8 hours, which makes the feat quite a challenge (not recommended , by the way).

arm yourself with patience

After reaching the top, the interesting thing about the whole route is that it takes the same time to go from level 1 to 90 as it does from 90 to 100, so you can get an idea of ​​how hard the final stretch must be. with the last 10 levels. However, in Rob2628’s case, it looks like he used a little trick to quickly level up.

A trick that smells like a trap

The key is in a bug that exists in the game, and that is that if you play cooperatively with other players, when you are completing a dungeon and one of the players leaves the game, the dungeon resets, being able to gain experience points again by killing the same demons that you struck down before. This action of farm It’s obviously allowed him to get a ton of experience points pretty easily, which has helped him level up pretty quickly.

The trick is also available if you play individually, since you only have to enter the Map and Journal menu and click on the “Restart dungeons” option. This option does exactly what it says, but it doesn’t affect power codex progress, so it won’t detract from any of your character progress. All the enemies will reappear, so you just have to kill them to keep adding.

Dungeon locations

Diablo IV dungeons

If you want to know exactly where the dungeons are in Diablo IV, we leave you with an interactive map that the people of IGN have prepared, and from which you can see in a very illustrated way the location of each of the 115 dungeons that exist in the game. game.

Map: IGN
Via: PCGamesN

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