Lexar Introduces SD Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II GOLD Cards for Photography

Taking advantage of the framework of the MWC 2022, the well-known brand of flash memory solutions Lexar has announced the arrival of its new Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II GOLD series cards, a perfect memory solution for professional photographers and videographers who want to dramatically speed up their workflow from start to finish.

«We are pleased to announce the GOLD series of Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II cards. These cards offer high-speed performance and will dramatically speed up your digital photography workflow from shooting in the field to post production» declared from the company itself.3

With read speeds up to 270MB/sthe Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD Series is designed for your DSLR or mirrorless cameras to speed up your workflowsaving you time and putting you behind the camera to create more content.

It is built with the latest UHS-II technology with write speeds of up to 180MB/s which allows you to handle burst mode photos with ease. Thanks to V60 and UHS Speed ​​Class 3, we’ll be able to seamlessly capture stunning Full-HD and 4K video with large capacity options up to 256GB. The Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II GOLD Series card provides the performance you need to capture and store valuable data in a variety of media. Moreover, for greater versatility, the cards are also backward compatible with UHS-I devices and operate up to the maximum thresholds of UHS-I speed capabilities.

In addition, this card features waterproof, temperature, shock, vibration, and X-ray resistance.

Currently we can already find the Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD Series memory cards available through the brand’s official website, with availability for this month, and a starting price of $36.99 for its 64 GB versionwhich will rise to 56.99 euros in the case of 128 GB and up to 109.99 euros for 256 GB.

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