LG aims to end neck pain with this new monitor

If you work from home, the normal thing is that little by little, you have created a work environment that gives you the maximum possible comfort, always within your needs and your budget. There are two groups of users: those who use a single large monitor (especially widescreen monitors) and on the other, those who prefer to make use of independent displays. The latest news from LG is a monitor that combine the best of both worlds. A somewhat peculiar screen, but one that has a lot of potential, since it explores a territory unknown until now.

No more muscle aches in the neck

When you have a ultrawide monitor, you have everything within sight and you can have a clean minimalist desk. You can also use approximately a maximum of three split-screen applications and work in a very comfortable way. On the other hand, use a couple of screens it has other advantages. The first is that you can open many more things at the same time, as well as differentiate between the primary and secondary monitor. You can also choose the orientation of the monitors. Lately, many professionals use a second monitor in a vertical arrangement, as it provides many advantages in some areas such as web design.

However, using two or more monitors in parallel has its negative part, as it ends up taking its toll on the cervical. Unless you train your neck like a Formula 1 driver, you will end up having aches and pains in your muscles, which will eventually translate into migraines, fatigue and even spontaneous attacks of vertigo.

Well, the new lg monitor It may be a bit grotesque, but it seeks precisely that users feel comfortable when sitting down to work. Is named LG DualUp Monitor and combines the equivalent of two vertical monitors. Once we place it on its foot and at the correct height, we will be able to work by doing more eye movements and less neck displacement, which should reduce the pressure we put on these muscles.

Features of the LG DualUp Monitor (28MQ780)

LG DualUp Square monitor

This monitor occupies the width of a 21-inch screen, but its square format will give us a 31.5 inch surface. It has a resolution of 2560 by 2880 pixels (SDQHD) and an aspect ratio of 16:18. In terms of pixel density, we consider it to be a bit poor if the destination of this monitor is the professional market.

The panel has IPS technology and LG promises a handling of the 98% of the DCI-P3 color space, as well as a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, something common in the IPS of the Koreans. The response time of the monitor is just 5 milliseconds and the brightness extends only up to 300 nits, which will allow it to comply with the HDR10 standard and little more.

Regarding connectivity, the screen has DisplayPort port, two HDMI and three USB ports, as well as a extra USB-C port that allows charging of up to 96 watts.

You will be able to place the screen vertically or horizontally using its own original support and it also has software functions for that screen division is done in a precise and comfortable way.

LG has also not disclosed the price nor the release date of this monitor, although more details will be discussed in a few days at CES 2022. With the specifications that the DualUp 28MQ780 has, it will only need a good price to become a successful monitor.

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