LG confirms the price of its 97-inch G2 OLED Smart TV and it’s higher than expected

Little by little we are knowing the prices that the different Smart TV models that will arrive this year 2022 will have. A few weeks ago LG confirmed the price of most of its televisions, but we were missing the price of its biggest bet: the 97-inch LG OLED G2 TV.

Now, the manufacturer has confirmed to the fellow flatpanels hd that the model will arrive during the second half of 2022 at a price of 25,000 euros for Europe. At the moment it is not known how much it will cost in the United States, but a little less is expected.

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The 97-inch LG OLED G2 will be much more expensive than expected

LG OLED official prices of 2022 ranges

The firm has also confirmed that its 97-inch LG OLED G2 Smart TV will hit the European market during the second half of the year. Yes indeed, the price may vary slightly depending on each country, but we can assume that this large-format premium television will cost 25,000 euros in Spain.

And the truth is that its price has disappointed us a bit. Mainly because the 77-inch and 83-inch 4K OLED models are priced significantly lower. We even talked about the emphasis that LG is putting on the large format by lowering the price of its Smart TVs of these dimensions. Instead, the 97-inch model will be clearly focused on a very small market niche.

we know whate LG Display is significantly lowering the cost of manufacturing its OLED panels, so we expected a surprise with the largest version of its family of organic light-emitting diode Smart TVs.

In addition, you just have to take a look at the table below to see that the 77-inch and 83-inch models have lowered their price compared to the 2021 version. And that the 97-inch LG OLED G2 Smart TV has such an exorbitant price It has been a complete disappointment.

LG OLED TV prices 2022

Model Price Model 2022 2021 Equivalent Model Price
LG OLED-A2 48 inches: 1,550 euros
55 inches: 1,700 euros
65 inches: 2,600 euros
77 inches: –
48 inches: 1,300 euros
55 inches: 1,400 euros
65 inches: 2,200 euros
77 inches: 4,700 euros
LG OLED-B2 55 inches: 1,900 euros
65 inches: 2,800 euros
77 inches: 4,500 euros
55 inches: 1,800 euros
65 inches: 2,700 euros
77 inches: 5,000 euros
LG OLED-C2 42 inches: 1,650 euros
48 inches: 1,800 euros
55 inches: 2,300 euros
65 inches: 3,200 euros
77 inches: 5,400 euros
83 inches: 7,500 euros
48 inches: 1,650 euros
55 inches: 2,000 euros
65 inches: 2,800 euros
77 inches: 5,300 euros
83 inches: 8,000 euros
LG OLED G2 55 inches: 2,500 euros
65 inches: 3,600 euros
77 inches: 6,000 euros
83 inches: 9,000 euros
97 inches: 25,000 euros
55 inches: 2,400 euros
65 inches: 3,500 euros
77 inches: 6,500 euros
LG OLED Z2 (8K) 77 inches: 15,000 euros
88 inches: 30,000 euros
77 inches: 20,000 euros
88 inches: 30,000 euros

Obviously, we cannot compare the technical characteristics of one model and another, but just yesterday Xiaomi surprised us with a 100-inch Redmi MAX Smart TV, 4K resolution and promising image quality for less than 3,000 euros.

We repeat it, they are unparalleled at a technical level, but for the price of an LG OLED G2 you buy 8 Xiaomi televisions. The price difference is too high, so fingers will have to be crossed for the Seoul-based company to lower the price of this large-format Smart TV over the next few months because if it is not going to be a product within reach of very few.

In addition, for that price, it is still more interesting to bet on a high-end projector, and that they continue to cost much less than the price of the 97-inch LG OLED G2, to set up a high-rise home theater, including everything you need to enjoy of the best experience. So, let’s cross our fingers and wait to see if LG surprises us with a notable price drop to make sure that the sales of this large-format television are not going to end up being anecdotal.

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