LG Gram laptops wouldn’t support Windows 11 because of their Intel CPU!

Microsoft’s requirements with its new operating system are undoubtedly going to be talked about at length. Those of Redmond do not get off the donkey and continue with the specifications revealed for their next generation operating system, but this will imply that many devices are left out of support, as it seems that will be the case of the LG Gram.

Intel does not include Trusted Execution in its G-series notebook CPUs

If we look at the characteristics of these laptops we see without any problem that they include extremely competent and last generation processors, where the most chosen option by the manufacturer is the i7-1165G7. Regardless of the model, neither the previous generation nor this 11th Gen include an indispensable requirement for Windows 11 to be installed: the famous Intel Trusted Execution.

┬┐Why is it so important? Because this feature is an indispensable part of Microsoft’s security requirement for its new operating system, as it allows the processor to encrypt data using Intel PTT. This is the acronym for Platform Trust Technology and it is based on the sought after TPM 2.0 which for Windows 11 is essential, except that instead of being a physical Intel chip it is based on its firmware as a fTPM.

The requirements would therefore be covered as happens in desktop processors, where practically all models obtain TXT technology and with it the possibility of activating Intel PTT. But the LG Grams by having these processors are out of the possibility of installing Windows 11.

Not all versions of TPM are valid


However, and although this is an irrefutable fact, LG ensures that their laptops are encrypted with TPM, but curiously, in no website or specification of the models they explain which version they are using and with which chip.

This is important, because only chips with support for TPM 2.0 They pass Microsoft’s validation and at the same time there is the casuistry that LG does not claim, much less, guarantee or advertise that its LG Gram laptops are compatible or upgradeable with Windows 11, when all brands are in process or have completed the option of marketing guaranteed that this OS can be installed.

Also, earlier series of these notebooks apparently did not include a compatible TPM chip, which causes many users to be uncertain and the idea over their heads that perhaps LG has been caught by the bull from behind. Logically, the problem is that a laptop, at the moment, cannot be installed with a compatible TPM 2.0 chip and, as far as we know, LG does not currently have a custom one or on boards, so it would depend in any case on an external manufacturer and that before if it left the factory, the plate had it welded.

In any case, if you want Windows 11 it is best to wait and not buy to see which manufacturers support and which do not, since the market is upside down, Intel does not support firmware and being prudent can save us annoyance.

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