LG imagines a real throne with a large curved OLED display

LG is showcasing some of these concepts while we wait for CES, and the manufacturer definitely has plenty of ideas for its curved OLED panels.

The avalanche of products continues before the launch of CES 2022 (unless it ends up paying the price of the pandemic). This time, it’s LG who comes back once again after revealing its funny almost square monitor. The manufacturer unveils two particularly surprising proposals, both based on large OLED screens.

The first product is Virtual Ride, a stationary bike packed with three 55-inch curved and joined OLED screens. This makes it possible to reconstruct an outdoor pedaling experience; in fact, the slab even overhangs the user’s head, which makes it possible to visualize his environment, from the gravel of the road to the brightest rays of the sun.

LG even presents this technology as a potential alternative to VR, although there is something to be skeptical about; it seems difficult to reconstruct a convincing impression of depth with such a machine, especially with such a narrow slab.

© LG Display

A minimalist high-tech setting

But LG’s other concept, the Media Chair, is certainly the more interesting of the two. It is a device halfway between the throne for geeks, the massage chair and the command post of a spaceship.

The first thing that strikes you is obviously the 55-inch OLED panel. The distance to the user has been meticulously calibrated to get the most out of its 1500R curvature. “It is the perfect focal length for a person to have the optimal viewing experience”, Explains product manager Matthey Weigland to The verge. It is interesting to note that this panel vibrates to serve as a speaker thanks to Cinematic Sound OLED, LG’s proprietary technology.

© LG Display

The screen can also be rotated to switch to portrait or landscape mode depending on the media type. To do this, there is no need to even move the arm since it is enough to press a button integrated in the armrest. This is also where another button is housed which rotates the entire structure to which the seat and screen are attached; this makes it possible to switch to a semi-recumbent position while keeping the screen in his field of vision.

Add in-seat speakers and a massage function, and you’ve got a luxurious multimedia showcase. Remember that this is only a concept, but if it ends up being marketed one day, the bill will probably be very steep.

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