LG invents a robot capable of replacing bartenders and waiters

To alleviate the current hiring crisis in the United States, LG has imagined robots capable of replacing humans.

Dystopian science fiction films have often viewed robots as a threat to human labor. In 2022, LG nevertheless decided to take the opposite view of the problem, by imagining robots capable of replacing a human … in sectors in the grip of a violent hiring crisis.

LG robot server detail
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Since the start of the pandemic, the catering professions have been particularly affected by the crisis. According to Harvard University, quoted in an article in the American media Slashgear, the sector is said to be currently understaffed. As business gradually picks up around the world – subject to the evolution of the Omicron variant and the next mutations in the virus – the restoration is particularly struggling to recruit. A situation that the Korean manufacturer LG intends to resolve with its CLOi ServeBot.

A stand-alone server

If service robots are not new, the CLOi ServeBot is the whole first of its kind to achieve UL 3300 certification. Concretely, this means that it is able to operate in complex environments, such as bars, restaurants, hotels and even supermarkets.

Capable of carrying up to 30 kg of goods, the robot incorporates several loading trays, as well as a 9.2-inch touch screen for taking orders. When not in use, it transforms into a welcoming cartoon-like face. To ensure smooth navigation, the CLOi ServeBot also has several LiDAR and ToF sensors, capable of generating light pulses to estimate the distance of nearby objects, people and furniture.

For the moment only planned in the United States, the CLOi ServeBot will be able to offer 11 hours of operation on a single charge, promises Jeffrey Weiland, B2B robotics team leader at LG Business. A “Real breakthrough” for companies, for which the complete technical sheet is already available online. Announced for the course of the year, no price has yet been formalized.

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