LG joins IBM Quantum Network to develop new applications with quantum technology

LG Electronics has announced its collaboration with the IBM Quantum Network to advance application development through quantum computing. By joining the IBM Quantum Network, LG will receive access to IBM’s quantum computing systems, as well as its open source quantum information software development kit and the quantum expertise that IBM is developing with Qiskit.

Using IBM Quantum technology, LG aims to explore quantum applications in any area that requires the processing of a large amount of data, including artificial intelligence, connected cars, digital transformation, ioT and robotics applications. LG will be able to take advantage of quantum computing hardware and software advancements and applications in accordance with IBM’s quantum roadmap. By leveraging IBM Quantum technology, LG will be able to better empower all of its employees and investigate how these quantum advances can be applied to its industry.

Quantum computing is one of the biggest innovations currently being developed in the technological field. While conventional computers calculate everything in bits, represented by binary values ​​(0 and 1), quantum computers use qubits that take advantage of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as interference and computer entanglement, to solve problems that through traditional devices would be impossible to solve. decipher. Thanks to all this quantum technology LG will be able to explore new solutions to face all kinds of problems.

Following this announcement, the IBM Quantum and LG team will research and explore how quantum computing can help a variety of industries and professional disciplines, including finance, energy, chemistry, materials science, and artificial intelligence, among many others.

“Building on our open innovation strategy, we plan to use IBM Quantum to develop new solutions in quantum computing,” said Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and executive vice president, LG Electronics. “Our goal is to provide users with differential value that they have not experienced until now by leveraging quantum technology in future businesses.”

“We are happy to begin collaborating with LG Electronics on a growing quantum ecosystem that is currently developing in Korea,” says Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and VP, Quantum Computing at IBM. “The relationship between IBM and LG Electronics will allow LG to explore new types of problems associated with emerging technologies and will help strengthen quantum capabilities in Korea.”

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