LG launches its new ultra-thin TVs LG QNED in Spain

LG has just announced the arrival of its new LG QNED TVs to the Spanish market. A new series of its ultra-thin range of MiniLED televisions with less and more of everything, but for the better: less energy consumption, less thickness and better image quality than ever, thanks to the brightness and contrast optimization improvements of its backlighting system.

Among the main novelties that the new LG QNED bring are the improvements of the panels, including Quantum Dots, Nanocell Plus and up to 30,000 MiniLEDs; The maximum brightness is increased up to and blacks are accentuated, all supported by an innovative backlight system that substantially expands the range of levels and control over dark and bright areas.

The new models that are now on sale are the QNED99, QNED96, QNED81 and QNED82already available in the official LG Spain store, while the rest of the models included in this launch will arrive in July and August with the QNED86 and QNED75 series.

Starting now with the novelties that the set presents, the first and most striking one refers to its design, especially in the QNED86, QNED 82 and QNED81 models. The last two, for example, include a rectangular central flat base for the 55, 65 and 75-inch models that allows them to be adjusted at two heights, also facilitating the installation of sound bars in visual harmony with the television.


On the other hand, models such as the QNED81 and QNED82 are the ones that reduce their thickness to the maximum, up to 33%, going from the 4.5 cm of their previous versions to the 2.9 cm from the current. Thin to power.

From the outside in, the new LG QNED televisions incorporate the processor LG a7 Gen5 powered by Deep Learning and, among other features, with AI Picture Pro, a process that analyzes and adjusts each frame using Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, improving the sharpness and dynamism of images, while reducing visual artifacts known as the halo effect.

The new LG QNED televisions also boast their Precision Dimming technology, guaranteeing precise brightness control carried out by the 30,000 MiniLEDs on each panel, while also maintaining 100% volume and color consistency from different angles. As for sizes, there is a choice and the largest reach up to 65, 75 and 86 inches.

Another technological novelty of the LG QNED is the possibility of connecting to a bar wireless sound via WOWCASTa function that these models debut and that facilitate both the installation of audio devices and the compatibility with functions such as IMAX Enhanced Sound from DTS or WOW Orchestra to enjoy the most immersive experience.


And, of course, the consignment is not far behind in terms of connectivity: “the new LG QNEDs become the control center of all the connected devices in the house through the LG ThinQ ecosystem,” says the company, “improved and compatible with Matter technology, the global standard for the connected home”, he adds. Is one to control all It is no longer the mobile, which is also, but the television.

Governing all the hardware and providing execution to the new functions is, as always, webOS, the Linux-based operating system that it has managed to make a small gap in the home electronics sector and that in its new version, webOS23, it optimizes its performance, improves its stability and expands its customization options, introducing a new outstanding feature: Quick Cards, an option with which to organize the available contents more easily.

Finally, LG also targets the segment of the gamingwhich will find a powerful ally in the new LG QNED thanks to technologies such as Quantum Dot and Nanocell plus, AMD FreeSync, Dolby Vision HDR, with 4K resolution and 120Hz or the new Game Optimize mode, with different preset settings to fully enjoy the different game genres or configure different parameters.

More information at LG Spain.

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