LG LED Signage: digital signage as you can not imagine it

digital signage (digital signage) has become in recent years a market niche in full expansion, in which companies have found a platform in which to enhance their brand, offer value-added services to their customers and even increase their sales, simplifying for example the execution of promotions and offers.

The development of this sector has also accelerated thanks to new generations of LED panels, which offer much more vivid colors and without distortions and which have proven to be especially striking thanks to their own characteristics such as being able to scale the size of the panels to “impossible” dimensions. ” in the past, or being able to adapt them to all kinds of spaces, since some types of LEDs are flexible.

Another of the great qualities that LED digital signage circuits have is luminosity. LED is more visible outdoors compared to LCD or projection, but also because they are capable of intelligently adjusting that lighting, they are also a perfect choice for interiors, which benefit from their great contrasts and colors. well defined.

One of the companies that is most advanced in the field of digital digitization, betting on this type of panel, is LG. The Korean multinational brings its “LED Signage” line to professionals and companies, a broad portfolio of products that, as the company itself explains, “provide immersive moments with multiple applications for businesses both outdoors and indoors.”

In its outdoor offering, the company offers various models available in a variety of designs for outdoor applications, stadiums, and public advertisements and displays in all types of outdoor spaces. The main ranges that we can find in this field are the following.

  • Stadiums: designed to provide solid performance in different formats for different types of stadiums and sports venues, with specific applications for these facilities.
  • Dooh: a series specially designed to withstand outdoor environments, resistant to all types of adverse weather conditions, providing image quality that stands out even on the sunniest days.
  • Outdoor Essential: With a waterproof and lightweight design, the LG Essential Outdoor series is ideal for outdoor use. In this space, the LG Ultralight range also stands out, which provides companies with much more stylized and lighter panels to meet their needs.

In its Interior LED offer, LG positions different models and designs designed to maximize the effectiveness of advertising in a wide variety of commercial areas, but also to promote productivity and teamwork in corporate environments. The following lines of digital signage stand out in this space.

  • Fine Pitch: an ideal information display solution, easy to install and use, standing out for its lightweight design, 16:9 format and accessible maintenance for any company. In this range LG also places its line Premium Fine Pitch that stands out for its unrivaled image quality and cable-free design.
  • Essential Indoor: The Essential Indoor series is designed not only for fixed installations, but also for rental, staging, large venue and event applications. Features magnetically attachable cabinets with quick-lock systems for easy installation
  • All-in-One: The LG All-in-one series is committed to a 136-inch screen that is offered in an all-in-one pack including an automatic control, which facilitates productivity between work teams and the organization of internal meetings and events.

All-in-one LAEC: big meetings

Designed for large meeting rooms, so that both videoconferences and content presentation are much more immersive, LG presents its new Smart LED All-in-one Series, screens up to 136 inches Full HD with integrated controller and speakers.

Among its advantages, which are mainly due to the high quality of the panel, the fact that it does not require control connections or module configuration stands out. After the installation process, this huge screen is controlled in a very similar way to a television, with its own remote control.

Another one of great interest is related to the maintenance of the LED module itself, since any problem or fault that it may experience can be repaired without the need to disassemble the panel, using a magnetic tool that allows the module to be replaced almost automatically, without the need for use wires.

To easily send and share content with, LG provides your device LG One: QuickShare is a wireless USB solution that allows you to share the screen of any computer simply by pressing a button. For its maintenance, the brand also offers the service Connected Carea cloud solution that remotely manages the status of screens in workplaces, offering diagnostic information and remote control tools.

All the screens that are part of LG Digital Signage are also equipped with WebOS, the same interactive content system that we find on the televisions of the Asian multinational and that facilitate access to all kinds of applications and content.

The company is also a benchmark in innovation and has an exclusive after-sales service, so if you are an integrator or distributor of electronic equipment and want to know more about LG’s LED solutions, we also recommend that you do not miss a webinar at the that the company reviews its range of products in detail and offers you everything you need to know to get the most out of your business. Do not miss it!

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