LG makes life happy for Apple

LG, is he back?

LG was one of the companies that revolutionized the mobile phone market with the advent of smartphones and the Android operating system, becoming one of the main references in the sector. However, little by little it began to fall behind the competition until the complete sale of its mobile device section in 2021 after more than six years accumulating losses.

Selling your mobile device section It has not meant the complete exit of the technology sector, and proof of this is the news that has come to the fore on the official page of LG, presented a new system Camera module to work on telephoto photos.

iPhone 13 Pro Max cameras

Continuing with the idea in question, the South Korean company allows LG, “generating optimal zoom from a magnification jump from 4 to 9 levels,” which will allow Smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, to gain more space inside the phone and improve battery efficiency.

From a technical point of view, this new LG module moves the lens directly to zoom in on the subject, that is, the person or landscape, which has the advantage of maintaining image quality in return for what is being done. so far, which is to magnify the size of the image in exchange for a loss of quality.

How does the LG revolution affect Apple?

Apple and LG have always maintained a very good relationship, with the Korean brand being one of the companies that provides dashboards for your mobile devices, along with Samsung. The big loser in this whole thing is sony, because it provides the necessary components for the generation of lenses.

However, the situation has completely changed because LG has a product that Apple could use very well for improve the autonomy capacity of your devices and have a camera a lot more advanced to remain the best device for photography and video.

iPhone camera module

Apple is a company that has a great financial muscle that always seeks to offer the best quality and user experience. Therefore, Apple would be looking at all times for the way to get a commercial agreement closed with LG, with the aim of supplying the necessary components for the manufacture of the new camera module exclusively to the Cupertino company.

The meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and LG CEO Koo-Kwang-Mo It could take place in the coming months to find out the real production capacity that LG has for this type of module.


In addition, another problem that Apple would have is with the Japanese brand mentioned in the previous lines, where Apple would have to renegotiate the agreement to supply cameras for the iPhone to acquire the new LG modules, where one of the possible solutions is that the Top-of-the-range iPhones carry LG’s sensorwhile the input series, continue with sensors Sony.

Leave us in the comments if LG has returned to the telephone industry with this great sensor.

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