LG OLED C2 vs LG OLED C1: these are their main differences

The new generation of LG TVs from 2022 is just around the corner, with the LG G2 and LG C2 as the main banners. Two models that point to ways to be one of the great references in the Smart TV sector. But are there so many differences with its predecessors? To answer this question, we bring you a complete comparison between the LG C2 and the LG C1where we will tell you the main differences between both models.

It should be remembered that the Korean manufacturer has been giving information with a dropper, so We don’t have all the technical details regarding the LG C2, but we can get an idea of ​​the main differences compared to the previous year’s version.

One of the Main novelties of LG’s line of OLED televisions for 2022 It comes with the fact that the LG OLED C2 will feature a 42-inch model. Although, in addition to the new screen diagonal, there are more differences that are very remarkable. Without further ado, we leave you with our comparison.

LG OLED C2 vs LG OLED C1: design and finishes


The 2021 model boasts a minimalist design, where its 10.2-inch bezel allows the screen to be the main protagonist of the room, as well as offering a pedestal support to offer an elegant design. Y the LG C2 shares that attractive design, although the front frame is surprisingly reduced to 6 mm to offer a more minimalist look if possible.

Note that the bracket is the same except on the 42-inch modelsince it is oriented to be used as a gaming monitor and LG has preferred to bet on a stand with feet as it is more suitable for a desktop configuration.

Another remarkable detail is seen in the weight. And it is that the LG C2 has reduced by 47% compared to its predecessor thanks to the use of fiber finishes that make this model significantly lighter than the LG C1.

LG OLED C2 vs LG OLED C1: main features


You just have to read our analysis of the LG C1 to make it clear that this OLED TV shines with its own light, offering features beyond any doubt and that will more than meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

Part of the credit goes to its improved AI processor, in addition to having support for the main HDR standards, including Dolby Vision. Complete HDMI 2.1 ports cannot be missing to offer 4K at 120Hz and VRR and ALLM support so that the most gamer users can get the most out of their new generation console.

As for the new LG C2, the manufacturer has updated its silicon heart with a new Gen 5 processor that promises better scaling. It also has webOS 22, which incorporates some notable improvements, such as NFC Magic Tab to be able to easily duplicate the screen of your phone, to give an example.

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It is not clear if this television will have an OLED.EX panel, which would be a significant leap in quality, but we can confirm that this model has some very interesting technologies, such as a mode that reduces eye fatigue when using the TV in a dimly lit environment, in addition to HDMI 2.1 ports with 48 Gbps of bandwidth, compared to 40 Gbps on the C1. Obviously, the new model continues to offer support for the main HDR standards, although the manufacturer continues to leave HDR10 + aside.

We can’t speak in terms of image quality as we haven’t had a chance to test the LG OLED C2, so we can only go by the specs promised by the Seoul-based company.

for now It is not known if the LG C2 will have an OLED.EX panel, that promises 30% more brightness compared to its predecessor, but they will surely do like last year: launch a first batch with a “brighter” Evo panel and later update to OLED.EX. Don’t worry, just as we have told you how to know if your LG OLED C1 uses an OLED Evo panel, when we have the corresponding information we will do the same with the C2.

LG OLED C2 vs LG OLED C1: sound


When the Korean manufacturer introduced the LG C1, there was disappointment as the sound was less powerful than its predecessor, the LG CX. In the case of the C2, on paper we have an AI Sound Pro technology capable of creating 7.1.2 virtual channels of soundwhile the LG C1 offered 5.1.2 channels.

As in the case of image quality, we cannot make a sound comparison between the LG C2 and the LG C1, but on paper it seems that it offers remarkable improvements. We will have to cross our fingers to see if they have improved the power to offer a superior acoustic section.

LG OLED C2 vs LG OLED C1: price


Lastly, regarding the LG OLED C2 priceAt the moment it is a complete mystery, so we will have to wait for LG to report on it. Rumors suggest that the 42-inch LG C2 will be priced at $999, but until the firm confirms it, this information must be taken with a grain of salt.

As you may have seen, although we have not been able to test this television, through the technical sheet we have been able to see some of the main differences between the LG OLED C2 vs LG OLED C1. And it seems that the new model improves in some aspects. Is it worth taking the jump? At the moment it is too early to tell, although the addition of an OLED.EX panel could make a difference.

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