LG Unveils OLED EX, Brighter, More Accurate TV Display Technology

Ahead of CES 2022, which is due to open on January 5, 2022, LG has just presented its brand new display technology for OLED TVs: the OLED EX. According to the manufacturer, this technology will increase the brightness up to 30% and improve the accuracy of the image.

Credit: LG

LG is undoubtedly one of the benchmark brands for TV and display technologies. This is evidenced by its various projects in progress, such as the world’s first expandable and borderless television, or this giant 325-inch 8K DVLED screen displayed at the ridiculous sum of 1.7 million dollars.

In early January 2022, the manufacturer will take advantage of CES 2022 to unveil its new products and innovations. And precisely, the South Korean firm has decided to take a step ahead of the Las Vegas show by unveiling its brand new display technology for OLED: OLED EX.

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Credit: LG

LG improves its OLED TVs with the OLED EX

According to the company, this technology will allow increase the brightness up to 30%, improve image accuracy and further reduce edges of finished products. To achieve these advances, the company has focused its improvements on two key points. In the first place, LG used deuterium in the chemical composition of OLED panels. This isotope of hydrogen allows pixels, when stabilized, to glow more brightly.

If the first part of the work therefore focused on the material, LG then looked at the software aspect by incorporating algorithmic image processing.. According to LG, it can predict the usage of each LED on the TV based on the user’s viewing habits, using machine learning. Thus, the OLED EX is able to “to precisely control the energy supply of the screen to more faithfully express the details and colors of the video content being played ”.

Of course, it will be necessary to discover the supposed innovations of this technology in real conditions before getting carried away. Regarding the reduction of frame sizes, however, LG is more concrete. So and based on a 65 ″ OLED screen, OLED EX will reduce the thickness of the edges between 4 and 6 mm. It’s not much you’ll tell me, but every improvement, no matter how small, is worth taking. LG intends to integrate OLED EX in all of its OLED TV models from the second quarter of 2022. It is not known whether the addition of this technology will increase the prices of the brand’s affected products.

Source: The verge

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