LG wants its transparent OLED panels to be more than a luxury product

At the last edition of the CES in Las Vegas, LG presented its new generation of transparent OLED screens. A technology that little by little is achieving increasingly impressive results, but that has not yet taken off on a commercial level. And the Korean manufacturer wants to change this situation.

In this way, the signature knows that their technology has many possible uses, the problem is that it is not reaching the markets that the firm wants. And for this reason they have started to expand cooperation with other customers so that they can adapt the development stage of their transparent OLED products to the current market demand.

As reported by Korean media, LG’s goal is for its transparent OLED panels to be a common product in the mobility sector. In the transparent OLED technology, the greater the transparency, the higher the voltage required and the more severe the heat that the panel experiences. As a result, durability problems can occur, which is why a display technology is required that increases transparency and stability of operation, avoiding possible burn-in or damaged screens over time. For this reason, LG Display wants to work directly with customers and provide full technical support.

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LG wants its transparent OLED screens to be a regular on trains and planes


To say that LG’s transparent OLED panels are already in operation on a Chinese subway line and in South Korea. And the manufacturer knows that this market is growing.

the idea of ​​power offer advertisements through the subway windows It is a value that must be taken into account, which is why LG has opted to create a transparent OLED ecosystem with the help of its potential customers to offer a successful product.

Another market that interests LG is that of industrial vehicles. For example, the Doosan Bobcat electric mini excavator features a transparent OLED touch screen instead of a traditional front glass. With this, you work more safely since there is no control panel that blocks the view, but its transparent OLED screen takes advantage of augmented reality technology to offer a product that is both surprising and safe.

Also important is the collaboration that LG has started with Meerecompany, a semiconductor company that has developed a 3D virtual touch system that uses a finger gesture recognition sensor on screen, so LG’s transparent solutions fit this technology like a glove.

Undoubtedly, the manufacturer is not lacking in options to strengthen its transparent OLED technology to become a regular in different markets. So we will have to keep track of it, since it seems that in the coming years we will start to see more and more products with a transparent screen from LG to offer a unique user experience.

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