LG wants to increase sales of OLED TVs and is already taking the first steps to achieve it

The Asian giant is one of the main players in the TV sector. While it is true that Samsung has dominated global TV sales for 16 years, LG It has positioned itself as one of the best alternatives. More, now that it has begun to earn profits with its OLED division.

LG Electronics recorded 4,048,000 units shipped in 2021, double the previous year, accounting for 62% of the total OLED TV market share. Notably, LG Electronics shipped 1,413,000 units of OLED TVs in the fourth quarter of last year, which is the highest ever recorded for a quarter. The television market share in terms of price was 18.5%, the highest in history.

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As you may have verified, sales of OLED TVs have increased exponentially, in part due to the drop in prices of organic light-emitting diode technology, while traditional LCD panels rose in price markedly during the pandemic.

LG wants to sell more Smart TVs of 77, 83 and 97 inches


And now, LG wants to take a new step with the aim of boosting sales of large-format OLED televisions. We talk about 77-inch models and upa sector that had high prices, although things are changing.

A few days ago we announced the official prices of the LG OLED family for 2022, with the LG OLED G2 and LG OLED C2 as great exponents. And, although there has been a general increase in prices, in the following table you will see a very interesting detail: the price of large format models has been reduced.

LG OLED TV prices 2022

Model Price Model 2022 2021 Equivalent Model Price
LG OLED-A2 48 inches: 1,550 euros
55 inches: 1,700 euros
65 inches: 2,600 euros
77 inches: –
48 inches: 1,300 euros
55 inches: 1,400 euros
65 inches: 2,200 euros
77 inches: 4,700 euros
LG OLED-B2 55 inches: 1,900 euros
65 inches: 2,800 euros
77 inches: 4,500 euros
55 inches: 1,800 euros
65 inches: 2,700 euros
77 inches: 5,000 euros
LG OLED-C2 42 inches: 1,650 euros
48 inches: 1,800 euros
55 inches: 2,300 euros
65 inches: 3,200 euros
77 inches: 5,400 euros
83 inches: 7,500 euros
48 inches: 1,650 euros
55 inches: 2,000 euros
65 inches: 2,800 euros
77 inches: 5,300 euros
83 inches: 8,000 euros
LG OLED G2 55 inches: 2,500 euros
65 inches: 3,600 euros
77 inches: 6,000 euros
83 inches: 9,000 euros
97 inches: –
55 inches: 2,400 euros
65 inches: 3,500 euros
77 inches: 6,500 euros
LG OLED Z2 (8K) 77 inches: 15,000 euros
88 inches: 30,000 euros
77 inches: 20,000 euros
88 inches: 30,000 euros

When we look at the large format models, we see very interesting surprises. For starters, the 77-inch LG OLED B2 will cost €500 less than last year’s model. In the case of the LG OLED C2, it is the 83-inch model that has seen its price significantly reduced. And watch out for the LG OLED G2, because the 77-inch model has dropped another 500 euros. The most notable case is in the LG OLED Z2, the company’s 8K television and whose 77-inch model has a reduction of 5,000 euros.

LG OLED official prices of 2022 ranges

The Asian company has realized that more and more users are betting on a television of this size. To give you an idea, different companies specialized in market analysis suggest that shipments of large format televisions in 2022 will grow 3.4%, to 217 million units. And LG doesn’t want to miss this train.

For this reason the firm has not hesitated to adjust the price of 77-inch models onwards to the maximum. In addition, the technology used to manufacture OLED panels has improved significantly, reducing manufacturing costs, which has allowed the manufacturer to lower its prices.

It will be necessary to see if the play goes well for him, since the price of these teams is still quite high. But it is a first step for more and more users to decide to bet on a large-format television instead of a projector. And the idea that they now cost 500 euros less compared to last year makes it an increasingly appealing option.

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