LG webOS: all about your Smart TV platform

The webOS visual interface has been very constant over the years. Very similar to what Apple has gotten us used to with iOS throughout its different versions.

The system interface has been maintained until version 5. Applications have always been shown in a strip in the lower third of the screen. In the most basic televisions, the interaction has always been done using the buttons on the remote control. However, in more advanced models you can use the Magic Remote as a pointer.

The new webOS 6.0 interface (2021+)

LG WebOS 6.0

All the visual section has been redesigned since version 6.0, available since 2021. The application dock, so characteristic of the brand, has completely disappeared.

Instead, the new look is made up of quadrants. It is even easier to use than previous versions because it is very similar to other proposals offered by other competitors in the market. The main quadrants will show the channels and streaming services that you use the most, so you will always have your apps close at hand. Below you can find the entire list of services that you have downloaded from the store.

If you are familiar with the old version It won’t cost you anything to adapt to this new interface. If, on the other hand, you get your first LG Smart TV now, you will surely notice the comfort when it comes to navigating through the TV’s menus and applications.

Even Park Hyoung-sei, president of the entertainment division of LG Electronics, has commented on this version of webOS: “This is the most significant update since we first introduced webOS in 2014.”

LG Content Store: The webOS app store

The application store for LG Smart TVs is called the LG Content Store. Through this platform we will be able to acquire channels, streaming services and applications and even some games.

Multimedia platforms available in the LG Content Store

These are the main multimedia content apps that are available in Spain currently on the LG store:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Max
  • Disney +
  • Apple tv
  • Rakuten TV
  • DAZN
  • Filmin
  • Youtube
  • YouTube Kids
  • Orange TV
  • Atresplayer
  • Movistar +
  • My TV
  • RTVE Play
  • LG Channels
  • Twitch
  • Plex
  • Spotify

The content varies depending on the region in which we are located. If you wonder how you can install apps like Hulu or Pluto TV, we inform you that this operation is only possible at present if we are in USA. However, the offer of applications in our country is immense.

Voice assistants, remote control and artificial intelligence

LG WebOS 6.0

No TV is truly smart without its voice assistant. The webOS system makes use of its artificial intelligence ThinQ with your own voice commands. In addition, we can count on the help of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

At Magic Remote, we will also have dedicated buttons to quickly activate our favorite voice assistant. As if that were not enough, televisions now have the technology Magic explorer. This feature uses LG’s AI to provide us with real-time data about the content we are consuming. You will be able to consult the information that you want, such as the names of the actors that appear on the scene, some biographical information about them or the exact name of the location where the shot you are watching was recorded. When the AI ​​knows you a little more, it will also offer you content according to your tastes.

Another very interesting feature of webOS is the possibility of use your smartphone as if it were the Magic Remote. To do this, you just have to download the LG TV Remote app, which is available on both iOS and Android. In models with webOS 6.0 and higher, new functionalities are also added to take advantage of the chip NFC from your mobile. You will be able to pair your phone with your television in a matter of seconds and send content with total comfort.

How to upgrade to webOS 6.0?

WebOS version 6 is only available on smart TVs released since 2021 Until now. Unfortunately, this LG policy has always been around. The brand does not usually support models from previous years, although it does sometimes offer new features of modern systems on televisions running older versions of webOS.

If you meet the requirements and have a version 6 compatible LG smart TV, you can receive regular updates. With them, LG will provide you with new features, a solution for bugs and quality and security improvements for your device.

For receive new updates from webOS you should go to Menu of your LG Smart TV and then to the tab Medium and Software update.

LG webOS 6.0 compatible models

Most Smart TVs released by LG from 2021 they are compatible with webOS 6.0. The OLED, QNED Mini LED, Nanocell and UHD ranges are fully supported.

On the other hand, smart TV models from input range such as LG LED TV series (with Full HD resolution), it is will keep in previous versions of webOS even though they are models released very recently.

How to know which webOS my LG Smart TV has

All this is fine, but do you know which version you have on your Smart TV? If you need to check which webOS is running on your TV, the procedure to follow to find out is very simple:

  1. Go to the Settings from your tv
  2. Get into the tab general
  3. Navigate to Devices, TV and click on «TV information».

As simple as that. With these steps you will be able to know the exact version of the system of your model and if it is compatible or not with the available software updates.

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