LG will launch more durable and upgradable home appliances

LG is working on new solutions to extend the usefulness of home appliances. The South Korean brand plans to launch a new line of upgradable devices this year.

The announcements are multiplying on the side of LG at the start of the year. The South Korean brand took advantage of CES 2022 to present the largest OLED screen in its history, before inventing a robot capable of replacing humans. At the end of January, it unveils a new project to make household appliances more durable and flexible.

To better adapt to the changes that come with household life, LG wants to extend the usefulness of household appliances by allowing them to be regularly upgraded. These scalable devices have the ability to integrate new functions in different forms. On its site, LG explains that it could be new software, new hardware, or both.

LG intends to fight against planned obsolescence

For Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG, this new evolutionary approach allows his company to oppose the notion of planned obsolescence. Indeed, these devices are designed to be used for many years. “We want customers to experience the feeling of having a new washing machine or refrigerator throughout the life cycle of an LG appliance, not just the first time they bring the item home. »adds the leader.

LG plans to launch about 20 upgradable devices this year, noting that upgradable products and features may vary by model and region. As an example, the brand mentions the possibility of improving the performance of its PuriCare air purifier when a new pet joins the household. It is possible to use a new filter that more effectively filters pet hair and dander.

LG to launch upgradeable home appliances this year

Another example mentioned by LG, the possibility of equipping its upgradable dryers with new accessories. They will then be able to handle different types of fabrics better or work better in a different client, if its user decides to move. The ThinQ application will also be used to offer updates.

For starters, LG will launch a washer and dryer “in certain markets” during the year. The firm does not yet specify whether France is concerned and does not mention the price of these scalable devices or their accessories either.

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