LG’s best OLED is at an all-time low

If you like to enjoy movies, TV series and video games at home at the highest possible quality, it is normal that you have had your eye on televisions with an OLED panel. They are not usually cheap, and when we find an offer, they are usually models that are one or two years old. However, today things are not going that way. The current models of the LG C2 series are on sale at really interesting prices.

The LG C2 2022 range is on sale right now

If you were waiting for a good price drop to get the best model of Smart TV with LG OLED panel, today is your lucky day. All models of the Korean brand’s C2 line are now on sale at Amazon. From the 42-inch model to the 83-inch model. discounts They are varied, and they go from 15 to 33%.

42 and 47-inch models

lg c2 42.jpg

The LG C2 of 42 inches is currently at €976.65, that is, with a discount of 15%. A discount that is not bad at all. However, if you have space in your living room furniture, the ideal is that you get the version of 48 inchesas it is available for €999 compared to the 1,329 that usually costs. A discount of 25%.

Do you prefer something bigger? The 55 and 65-inch versions are at a historical minimum price

lg oled c2 evo 65.jpg

Halfway there we have the model of 55 incheswhich is at 1,439 euros, its historical minimum. It is a very good price if we take into account that this television went on sale just a few months ago for about 2,099 euros.

version of 65 inches It is also at its lowest price registered on Amazon, and you can buy it for about 1,949 euros.

The larger model also has a big discount

Finally, we have the version of 83 inches. This huge 209-centimeter diagonal screen has never been particularly affordable, but today you have it for 4,083 euros, 33% cheaper than usual. If you are wondering where the 77-inch version is, we are sorry to inform you that all the units that were in stock have already sold out.

What does the LG C2 range offer?

LG’s TV portfolio is quite broad. The C series of the brand is the one that usually has the most relevant technologies. There are higher models, but the C2 series includes the best specifications at a quite competitive price.

The OLED Evo panels of this generation stand out especially for their brightness, which has improved significantly compared to the 2021 models. The LG C2 models boast panels with a perfect level of contrast and completely deep blacks. All this is supported by technologies such as HDR10 and the HLGand is boosted by the refresh rate of 120Hzwhich makes these models also ideal televisions for playing video games.

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