Liaison, the first French-English production on Apple TV +

Sooner or later it had to come. We know that Americans are very patriotic and prefer to use their own first before others. But outside the US there are very good products. We are not only talking about technological devices, we are talking about culture, film and television and series. The film industry may be dominated by the Americans but we cannot forget other countries such as France and of course Spain or the United Kingdom. The first French-English production has already landed on Apple TV +. Liaison.

Although it does not have the honor of being the first foreign production (outside the US), that honor belongs to Tehran, we can say that this Franco-English production is the first in which France intervenes. Liaison is a production that does not yet have a release date but it will certainly not disappoint Apple TV + users because it has one of the best French interpreters. Vincent Cassel.

Filming for Liaison has officially begun. A contemporary thriller that will mark the first French and English Apple TV + offering. A thriller that can be defined as contemporary and that explores the devastating consequences of the mistakes of the past in the future. It features political espionage and a passionate love story. According to Le Figaro, the film will star Vincent Cassel (“Black Swan”, West World) and Eva Green (“Miss Peregrine and the Special Children”) as the main characters. Other cast members will include Peter Mullan (“Ozark”, Laetitia Eido (“Fauda”), Eriq Ebounaey (“Bronx”), Thierry Fremont (“Inside the Killer’s Head”).

We are looking forward to being able to tell you more as soon as we know. In the same way, we look forward to the first trailer that Apple releases about this new series. Write down the name, Liaison, because I’m sure it will give a lot to talk about and hopefully for the better.

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