LibreWolf, the browser that takes Firefox privacy further

At this point, it goes without saying that security and privacy when browsing is one of the key elements of this type of application. There are developers who focus more on these aspects than others, where we can highlight Mozilla with his Firefox. But of course, despite everything that this project offers us in terms of privacy and security, there are always users who want to go a little further. It is precisely for these that we have LibreWolf at our fingertips.

How the LibreWolf browser improves security

The first thing to keep in mind is that, when talking about this program, we are actually referring to an independent fork of the aforementioned Mozilla Firefox. Despite everything that this offers us, at the same time the most important objectives of this project are the security and privacy that it offers us. With all this, what is intended is to give the user a freedom when it comes to moving around the internet that he does not have with other proposals. At this point It is worth mentioning that we are facing the successor of LibreFox led by the community.

In order to achieve the objectives that we have mentioned when browsing, this program has been designed to minimize data collection and telemetry. Of course, this is not always as easy as we would like, so it is achieved by making use of hundreds of adjustments and patches. All of these are directly related to such important elements as privacy, security, and product performance.

At the same time we will say that in this case they have also removed the intrusive built-in plugins by default. Here we refer to items such as the automatic program updater, the bug reporting utility and the storage tool. Pocket.

Other cool features of the secure browser

It is for all this that privacy lovers when using a Internet navigator here you will find an excellent alternative. Also, it is important to know that LibreWolf is compiled directly based on the latest stable version of Firefox. This means that we will have the latest features released by Mozilla at our disposal here as well.

librewolf privacy

But with everything and with it it is still a standalone compilation Firefox that uses its own internal settings. In this way we will have our own independent profile folder and its own disk installation path. Therefore, we will have no problem when installing this new browser along with any other that we already have on our computer running.

Another of the sections that we must take into consideration in this same sense is that this browser eliminates the links to embedded servers and other functions. To give us a more exact idea, background connections are not used here by default. In addition, it establishes certain limitations for the Internet access by the extensions that we install.

Finally, we will tell you that you can download LibreWolf on your computers based on Windows, Linux and macOS. It must be said that a version for Android-based mobile devices is expected soon.

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