Lidl: here is the first car in the colors of the brand, we let you appreciate its aesthetics

After launching sweaters and sneakers in the colors of Lidl, the German brand has decided to go further on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Lidl Plus application. Indeed, the company is putting into play three Mini 3 doors also sporting the flashy colors of the brand.

mini lidl
Credits: Lidl

Lidl has been in the habit for several years of venturing into unexpected markets for a hard-discount brand. We remember, for example, his smartwatch at €39.99, his smartphone launched in partnership with GigaSet at €70, or his desire to market electric cars under the Elaris brand.

Recently, Lidl has also distinguished itself by launching sweaters and trainers in the colors of the German brand. However, on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Lidl Plus application, the company has decided to go further.

Lidl is giving away a Mini in the brand’s colors

Indeed, Lidl announced on September 26, 2022 a collaboration with the car manufacturer Mini. Three Mini 3-doors in the brand’s emblematic colors will be put into play. The competition for these Mini X Lidl will be open from this Wednesday, September 28, 2022, and each customer holding the Lidl Plus card will get a contribution to each tranche of 30 € purchase made.

You can try your luck at October 3 to November 13, 2022. Of course, the Mini X Lidl are not the only prizes at stake. However, Lidl has not yet gone into detail about them. It should be noted that this marketing stunt starts from an April Fool’s joke launched by AutoMoto on April 1, 2022. Indeed, the specialized media then announced the launch of a Lidl Low Cost SUV.

As the Executive Director Purchasing and Marketing of Lidl France Michel Biero points out, the idea launched by AutoMoto caught on and that’s why the brand decided to make this joke a reality. “With a cool and daring attitude, Lidl is pursuing its strategy as a local brand. More than a trend, with this competition, Lidl is making its identity colors a true signature, its own rallying point and a weapon of seduction”. assures the brand in its official press release. Note that for now, we have no information on the Mini, such as its engine or on-board options.

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