Lidl is relaunching its range of home automation products at bargain prices on February 24

In February 2021, Lidl hit hard by launching a new range of connected objects dedicated to home automation at a bargain price. There were connected bulbs, sockets and power strips, LED strips, a remote control and the home automation gateway at unbeatable prices. However, these products were quickly victims of their success. A year later, the range is back in the brand’s French stores.

Credits: Lidl

Lidl has made a habit of entering unexpected markets. Its main strength? Offer products at unbeatable prices, sometimes to the detriment of quality it must be recognized. Thus, Lidl has launched its own Apple Watch sold for €39.99, while the brand’s AirPods at €25.99 have been snapped up. The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot creates a stir each time it comes back in stock, with copies sometimes resold for more than €800 on the BonCoin, i.e. twice as much as the original price.

In February 2021, the hard-discount brand decided to enter the home automation market with the Lidl Smart Home range. There were connected objects for the home at bargain prices, such as LED bulbs sold between €7.99 and €9.99, wall lights displayed at €29.99 or even a Starter Pack offered at €49.99 (which includes 3 connected bulbs, a remote control and a home automation gateway). A particularly attractive offer, especially in view of the prices charged by competitors such as Philipps and its starter pack marketed at €99.90.

lidl smart home
Credits: Lidl

Lidl announces the return of its home automation products

Thanks to a Zigbee 3.0 protocol support, all the brand’s home automation products are compatible with Smart Life, Philipps Hue, Jeedom or Amazon Echo. And via the Lidl Home app, users are able to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control their devices remotely by voice.

Unsurprisingly, products from the Lidl Smart Home range quickly found takers, so much so that they could not be found in stores. But don’t worry, since the brand announces the return of its home automation products to its various shopping centers from February 24. It only remains to hope that Lidl has planned stocks accordingly to meet demand. According to the company, inventory has been evenly distributed across all of its stores.

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