Lieutenant Replay’s watch in Alien could now be (almost) yours

Casio’s most iconic watches: a gold mine

The nostalgia has proven to be a powerful sales pitch. It has been seen with the mini versions of such popular consoles as the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, etc. Also with those other covers or accessories that simulate the aesthetics of iconic products of the past in other modern ones. That is why it is not surprising that many other brands are taking advantage to do something similar.

One of these is Casio, a manufacturer that we all remember thanks to its calculators and also its watches, especially those most iconic models such as the very popular Casio F-91W or the G-Shock range that recently returned with Wear OS as the operating system in the GSW-H1000.

Well, now the brand has not created a new version with the operating system for Android smart watches, but one that has a point and a story that will make many feel the need to get one: it is the watch Lieutenant Ripley wore in the Alien movie, the eighth passenger.

And it is very likely that the play will turn out great, because among fans of the saga, those of watches and those who love retro despite being a product of current manufacture, they will agree with Casio when they make these reissues and demonstrate that its catalog of watches is a real gold mine for these things.

Casio A-100, the Ripley watch that you can buy

Keeping the same design as that original version, the new Casio A-100 is the reissued version of the Casio F-100, a watch that was introduced in 1978. This had as its main striking feature a chronograph that was not common at the time, nor did it have an illuminated display that, in part, was already something characteristic of the brand in other models.

In addition to their chronograph, the four buttons placed just below the screen were another of the aspects that attracted attention and gave the watch a much more futuristic air than it really was. And even more so because of how it was later used in the film, chaining two of them to Replay’s (Sigourney Weaver) wrist.

In the film, the lieutenant and the rest of the crew members wore a device created from two Casio F-100s on their wrists. Something quite common at the time to use other devices or objects to create new ones that had a more futuristic point. For example, as a curiosity, The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars was made on a wooden base that was later covered with different elements of model cars of the time. Or Sky Walker’s lightsaber.

So if you want to get one, now is the time. This reissued version will cost about 100 euros approximately and it will be available in three colors together with their respective metal straps.

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