Life By You, Paradox’s response to The Sims… and Paralives

These are interesting times for life simulators, and Life By You is the most recent example of this, and that this particular market has been in need of news that goes beyond DLCs for some time. Let’s remember that The Sims 4, the clear benchmark, was published in September 2014, so in a few months it will be nine years since then, nine years in which there have hardly been any relevant announcements and launches. A long time without activity for a market with such a large user base and so willing to checkout, as has been proven by EA’s DLCs for The Sims.

It seems, however, that movement is coming and that, moreover, it is coming from several fronts, which is excellent news. The most relevant announcement was, without a doubt, that of EA itself last October, when it spoke for the first time about Project Rene, which although it has not yet been officially confirmed that it will have that name, aims to be The Sims 5. We will still have to wait a while, since the company indicated that it is in the initial phase of development, which means that we are talking about years, not months, but at least we know that they are already working on it.

On the other hand we have Paralives, announced in June 2019, but has not yet been released, although its developer has achieved a huge amount of support through Patreon, with patrons who are also directly participating (with their opinions and ideas) in the development of the game. Present on Steam for quite some time now, it seems to have a more modern and attractive visual design than that of The Sims, although the really important thing will be to check all the options it offers when playing it.

Well, there are not two without three, since Project Rene and Paralives are now joined by Life By You, a Paradox project of which we can already see a first teaser, in which the company also calls us on March 20 for the official announcement of the game. The teaser, as we could already imagine, doesn’t reveal much about this new game, but it does reveal enough to have generated a lot of expectations, since its visual aspect is also very attractive.

There is also at least two reasons to take Life By You into account already from its first advance. One is that development is being led by Rod Humble, who executive produced The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. And the second is that Paradox already has experience taking EA’s biggest hits and creating new titles based on them but very improved, because it is what it has done with Cities: Skylines, which knew how to win over the SimCity community when EA could not keep up.

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