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Life insurance for smokers has been a topic of controversy for years. No company wants to pay out money to someone who was smoking when they died, and no company wants to waste money paying out money to a smoker who is not dead. Yet, no-one wants to pay out money to a smoker who may die of a tobacco-induced illness or long-term disease. What is a smoker to do?

Life insurance for smokers is a big, controversial issue. But there are a lot of reasons why you should consider buying life insurance for yourself or your loved ones. For example, if you’re a smoker, it’s not too tough to see how you could benefit from life insurance. Unlike those who don’t smoke, you’ll probably have a lower risk of dying, which means that your life insurance policy could pay out a bigger death benefit. Also, the cost of premiums tend to rise every year. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average life insurance premium for a single person was $1,935 in 2015. For a married couple, it’s about $2

Life insurance is a very important part of your financial plan. We all have our own financial needs, but it is not nice to think that you will outlive your money. This article is designed to help those that wish to stay healthy over the long term. It will provide you with tips and tricks to ensure that you are more likely to live longer and with a better quality of life with less financial worries.

word-image-4740 Many factors affect the cost of life insurance, and smoking is one of them. Smokers have a higher risk of health problems and a shorter life expectancy than non-smokers. As a result, life insurance companies consider smokers a significant risk and typically charge more for life insurance policies. But while some smokers may be reluctant to buy life insurance for fear of high premiums, you can still find a policy that offers exactly what you need while staying within your budget. In this article, you will learn how smoking can affect the cost of life insurance.

Who is considered a smoker?

Many people smoke a cigarette from time to time, especially in social settings. But can this be considered a habit? More specifically, would you be considered a smoker in the eyes of your insurance company? The answer to this question is very important because it can affect your insurance premiums. So who counts as a smoker? The truth is that insurance companies have no spectrum when it comes to smoking. Whether you smoke one cigarette a week or light up several times a day, you are still considered a smoker. Not only does smoking cigarettes classify you as a smoker, but also related products such as pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and even nicotine patches and gum. This means that smoking cigars can cut you more slack. If you do not smoke more than one cigar a month, you are probably not considered a smoker.

Vaping and cannabis use

According to many Canadian insurance companies, other products that are not used for smoking can also classify you as a smoker, including e-cigarettes. The information we have on the long-term effects of vaping is still in its infancy, so insurance companies’ attitudes towards vaping may change in the future. But at this point, smoking can affect your smoking status, which affects your life insurance premiums. Smoking marijuana is another issue that often leads to confusion about smoking status in life insurance. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada – for recreational and medical purposes – insurance companies are being forced to rethink their policyholders’ use of marijuana. Before the legalization of cannabis, people who used marijuana regularly were called smokers. This is not always the case today. However, insurance companies will always want to know exactly how much marijuana you use and how often. Different insurance companies may have their own policies regarding cannabis use. However, most insurers classify those who smoke cannabis at least 2 to 4 times a week as smokers.

Can smokers buy life insurance?

Yes, smokers can still benefit from life insurance. However, this will affect the price of the policy, as smokers generally pay much more for life insurance than non-smokers. The reason smokers pay more for life insurance is that smoking has health consequences. Smoking is associated with health problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Insurance companies take on more risk when they insure people with shorter life expectancies. So people with longer life expectancies are rewarded with lower insurance premiums, and conversely, people with shorter life expectancies are rewarded. And because smoking can have a direct impact on a person’s health and longevity, it also has a direct impact on the cost of life insurance.

Smokervs. Smokers Higher rates for non-smokers

As mentioned earlier, smokers generally pay higher life insurance premiums than non-smokers, but by how much? Other factors also play a role, such as. B. the age of the policyholder and the amount of cover. Overall, smokers usually pay double or more than non-smokers. For example, consider the average rate for a 20-year term on a $500,000 policy, based on age and smoking status:

Age Smoker (male) Non-smoker (male) Tariff increases
30 $58.41 $30.60 90.88%
40 $126.45 $47.58 165.76%
50 $323.95 $123.29 162.75%

As you can see, the rates for smokers are significantly higher than for non-smokers in the same age groups. The older you were when you first applied for life insurance, the faster your premiums will rise.

Will your life insurance be affected if you smoke?

We know that smoking increases insurance premiums, but what if you were considered a smoker but no longer smoke? In general, you are considered a non-smoker if you have not smoked for at least the past 12 months. If you used tobacco products or nicotine during those 12 months, the insurance company may still consider you a smoker. You must sign a statement that you no longer smoke. For example, you may have to undergo a medical test. B. a urine test – to confirm that you do not smoke. There should be no traces of nicotine or by-products in your system. In addition, the insurance company will likely want to confirm that your health has not been affected by your past smoking habits.

Canadian life insurers

Type of life insurance Accessibility Number of brokers
word-image-4741 – Temporary life assurance – Permanent life assurance
word-image-4742 – death risk insurance BC, AB, MB, ON, NS, PEI
word-image-4743 – – life assurance – disability insurance – life assurance for critical illness – non-medical life insurance ON 16
word-image-4744 – Temporary life assurance – Permanent life assurance – Life assurance against critical illness BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS 50+
word-image-4745 – Temporary life assurance – Permanent life assurance All of Canada 30+

What happens if you stop smoking during the insurance period?

If you decide to stop smoking during the insurance period, you must not only stop smoking for at least 12 months, but also confirm the reasons why you decide to stop. Your insurance company will want to know the reason for your decision to quit smoking, as this information may affect whether or not you are classified as a non-smoker. For example, if you quit smoking on your own to be healthier – and lower your life insurance premiums – the insurer may consider you a non-smoker if you have successfully quit smoking for at least one year. However, if you quit smoking because of a serious medical incident, such as. B. a heart attack or stroke, was forced, your insurance company may not be inclined to give you non-smoker status. Every situation is unique, and your insurance company will want to carefully assess your particular situation before making any changes that could expose them to additional risk.

What should you do if you start smoking after getting insurance?

If you have life insurance, your rates will not increase if you start smoking after the policy takes effect. Your premiums are set when you purchase your policy and generally cannot be increased, decreased, changed or cancelled (as long as you continue to pay your premiums). The insurance company cannot cancel your policy or deny a claim if you received the policy as a non-smoker but at some point started smoking.

Medical testing and smoking

If you indicate on your application for life insurance that you are a smoker, you may be asked to undergo a medical examination, which may include a urine or blood test. Insurance companies may want to know if you smoke a lot and how this habit has affected your health. Even if you declare you are a non-smoker, you may be asked to undergo a medical examination, depending on the type of policy you apply for. It is very important that you are completely honest about whether or not you smoke when you apply for life insurance. If the insurer discovers that you have made false statements in your claim, your policy may be cancelled or your claim rejected.

How do I get a good rate as a smoker?

While smoking is generally associated with higher life insurance premiums, there are options that can help you get a better rate.

Preferential prices

Most insurance companies offer reduced rates to smokers who can prove they are otherwise healthy. Preferential rates for smokers vary by insurance company. Some insurance companies may have more lenient requirements, for example. For example, blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Other companies even offer lower rates for people who don’t smoke much.

Do your homework

You can also lower the cost of insurance premiums by researching and comparing rates from different insurance companies. You can easily do this with the help of an insurance aggregator, which lists available insurance companies in Canada and offers quotes based on the personal information you provide. This will help you find the lowest prices in Canada.

Reduce coverage

In addition, you can also consider lowering the amount of coverage you have to lower your premium costs. A higher amount of coverage usually means a more expensive policy. Thus, by reducing the size of the coverage, the overall cost can be reduced.

Final thoughts

If you smoke, you will probably have to pay more for your life insurance. Still, you probably won’t be denied coverage. Given the importance of life insurance in protecting your loved ones, smoking or not smoking should not prevent you from taking out a policy. Just do your homework to find the best price for you.Smoking is a harmful habit, but it can be dangerous in other ways. Aside from the direct effects of smoking, people who regularly smoke are also at an increased risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. For those who have been thinking about getting life insurance, here are a few things to consider:. Read more about health insurance for smokers and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get life insurance if you are a smoker?

Considering the health hazards of smoking, it may come as a surprise to learn that smoking is not actually that hazardous. In fact, many smokers don’t realize that smoking does not cause lung cancer or heart disease. The truth is, a smoker may actually be healthier than they realize. Life can be a full house. You have a job you enjoy, a partner in life, and a family. Some of us are blessed with a thriving career that gives us financial stability. Unfortunately, there are a few who slip up and have to take time off to treat a serious illness or to cope with a terminal illness.

What is the best life insurance for smokers?

The US is the only country where most smokers do not have basic life insurance coverage. In fact, only one out of every two US adults have even a minimal life insurance policy – a policy that provides coverage for accidental death or dismemberment. In other countries, however, basic life insurance policies exist for smokers. What is a basic life insurance policy? Life insurance for smokers is an interesting topic that has been discussed for many years. Most life insurance companies do not offer policies for smokers and therefore, smokers are forced to buy a non-smoker policy (Non-Smoker Life Insurance) or they are denied life insurance altogether.

How much more expensive is life insurance for smokers?

Life insurance for smokers is not cheap, even if the policy is paid off early. Why? Life insurance companies charge smokers higher rates because they are more likely to die early. Smoking is known to be a very expensive habit, and when you look into a life insurance policy, you’ll see that there is a higher premium for smokers. Other factors such as the type of smoker, and the way the smoker smokes are also factored in.

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