Light up your gaming setup with these spotlights to stream live on Twitch

There are many players who are encouraged to go live on Twitch and YouTube on a daily basis, as a way of try your luck to see if they can make their way in a place where it is possible to earn a lot of money. But while we try, you should know that as important as a good sound is to have the best in front of the camera setupand in it the lights, the lighting, have a special relevance.

Get professional lighting

although many gamers they opt for the simplest configuration, which is to have a spotlight in front of them and that’s it, it actually exists a very basic and effective technique that is to recreate a small set study, consisting of a total of three light sources, located more or less as we indicate in the infographic that you have right here below.

Indeed, the ideal is to do exactly what we pointed out above, with three lights. One for main light, another for fill and a backlight that gives that final touch of a well-cared-for product that transmits to the human eye the feeling that we are witnessing a broadcast with truly professional touches.

So here we bring you several options –all of them very cheap– to recreate a setup like the one we indicated above, no need to spend too much money because to put ourselves in front of the computer camera you don’t need the power of an old Hollywood coal bow either.

Key Light

This spotlight is sold individually, so we can buy it as a backlight source. In addition, we can plug it in thanks to its USB cable with switch and light type control, which offers temperatures ranging from 3,000 to 6,500º K. Its panel is adjustable and has an adjustable base and folding head to direct it where we need it.

LED Spotlights Lighting Photography

This package two lights we can use them to be the main and fill light source on one side and the other of where we sit, in such a way that we are evenly illuminated. It has color temperature ranges that go up to 5,600º K and LED tinting effects thanks to filters of various colors, remote control to control the brightness and feet to place them where we need them, without fear of them falling to the ground, with heights configurable up to a maximum of 1.40 meters.

Ci-Photo LED Video

we leave you another package of two foci also but, in this case, They are designed to be placed on a table since their tripods barely raise 35 cm. They offer temperatures of up to 5,600º K, a USB connection, colored filters to tint the scene (especially in the case of fill light or backlighting) and adjustable heads to tilt the source where we need it.

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