Lightfield Display, the screen that will be perfect to see Avatar: The Way of Water without 3D glasses

Undoubtedly, Avatar: The Way of Water is the most anticipated movie of the year. More, since the first official trailer for the second part of Avatar was leaked, putting our teeth in a world created by James Cameron and expanding exponentially. But, at the moment the 3D technology used to be able to see the film in cinema is a mystery. Besides, How can Avatar 2 be seen in your home?

The truth is that today nobody knows what genius James Cameron has come up with this timewho already announced at the time that the experience would be surprising again, as happened with his first film.

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Lightfield Display, the perfect technology to watch Avatar 2 at home

Now during the Display Week Conferenceone of the most important fairs in the sector and which has been taking place these days in San José, we have been able to see surprising technology that could be the best option for viewing 3D content, such as Avatar 2, or enjoying environments such as the Metaverse without wearing glasses.

We talk about LightfieldDisplay, a screen you have presented Leia Inc.a company specialized in 3D experiences that has used nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to offer 3D Lightfield Display screens that are surprising for their usability.

The first prototype they have presented at the Display Week Conference has been a 15.6-inch monitor that allows you to view content traditionally or in 3D. When working with 2D formats, it allows to broadcast 4K content at 120 Hz, while activating the 3D mode capable of offering an immersive environment.

It has built-in cameras to respond to head tracking, offering a real-time experience that achieves a sense of immersion and clarity, similar to how humans see things in the real world, while still being comfortable with the naked eye without having to to resort to 3D glasses.

In the Twitter video that heads these lines, we can see that the operation of this screen is simply amazing. Without needing glasses To do this, you will be able to enjoy a 3D environment that adapts to the movement of your head to enjoy an immersive world, like the Metaverse, or watch movies like never before.

“The beauty of 3D Lightfield is that it enables a natural immersive viewing experience on any screen-based product, from mobile phones to vehicle cockpits.said David Fattal, CEO of Leia Inc.

“At Continental, we’re always looking for ways to improve driver and passenger safety and comfort, and 3D navigation displayed on the car’s Lightfield Display creates an intuitive user experience and can contribute to safer driving.” », said Jan Hermes, Senior Expert in Advanced Graphics.

We will have to see how this technology evolves, because it would make a lot of sense for it to be the option chosen to be able to watch Avatar 2 at home without having to wear 3D glasses.

Obviously, it is too early to know if this technology will be the right one. Before we must know the intentions of James Cameron with Avatar: The Way of Water, since we do not know how he will release it in theaters. Luckily, at least we know the release date. Undoubtedly, it will be necessary to mark on the agenda the December 16, the date on which Avatar 2 will be released in theaters around the world.

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