Lightyear and the details you (maybe) didn’t appreciate from his incredible trailer

Lightyear’s first trailer, the new Pixar

Along with the song “Starman” by David Bowie, Disney and Pixar have presented the first trailer for their upcoming film: Lightyear. Of course, before telling you some interesting details that we already know about it, our recommendation is that you first see said trailer.

Lightyear, teaser trailer in original version

Lightyear, teaser trailer (in Spanish)

Lightyear trailer details

Lightyear it’s the new pixar movie and in it they will tell us the story of one of their best known and most loved characters: Buzz Lightyear. The astronaut toy we all first met in 1995 with the first installment of Toy story it’s back, but not in the way you might imagine.

After four deliveries of Toy story You might think that a takeout with Buzz Lightyear as the solo lead would make all the sense in the world. And it is true, it would, but Pixar and Disney have not wanted to carry out that approach and did create a story that can be much more emotional still: that of the “real” astronaut who inspired the toy.

Exactly, Lightyear will tell the story of said astronaut and how his exploits inspired the creation of said toy. Also, in the original English version the voice will be provided by Chris Evans (Captain America) and the actor has commented that he is super excited about being able to participate in a production of this type.

Of course, leaving this behind, let’s see some details that the first trailer leaves us and that we think will be interesting to you.

The name of Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is not some fictitious name that is given to the toy but it is the real name” of the astronaut he was inspired by. This is how you can read on the nameplate of this during the trailer.

Crystalline fuel

An image and some theories and questions are already beginning to circulate about the importance of crystalline fuel that allows the ship Buzz fly. We will see if they are fulfilled or not and to what extent it can be the central motive on which all the action we see revolves.

Alicia hawthorne

This will be the name of the one that will be partner of Buzz, a secondary character and at the same time important to the plot from what can be sensed. We will have to wait for more information to know how far, although this will surely be the case because of what is seen in the preview.


One of the things that many fans of Toy story You will remember is when Buzz pressed the buttons of the control located in one of his arms to activate a hyper launch that allowed him to reach infinity and beyond. Well, that «Hyper Launch»(In English) returns with the ship.

When Lightyear passes

Here is a detail of those that give a lot to talk about, when does Lightyear happen? If we take into account the images it is clear that the world in which this astronaut lives is full of technology futuristic that doesn’t seem to match Andy’s.

So if Buzz Lightyear’s toy was inspired by him, was Andy living in the 90s or a time where space travel was already a reality? Well it depends, because Buzz Lightyear could be the toy inspired by a character in a movie made during those years of Andy’s childhood. Something similar to what happens right now with the Avengers toys, for example.

Buzz Lightyear has hair

Yes, the astronaut has hair and we cannot deny that it is very strange see it with him uncovered, although it will surely be a matter of getting used to after seeing it a few more times.

Lightyear will have a lot of Star Wars

If you have Pixar and behind Disney, the owner of Star wars, it is logical that they can afford the license to be inspired on more than one occasion. So surely the comparisons between both films will be easy for you to find.

Buzz Lightyear’s suit

Despite the fact that for much of the trailer he is seen wearing a more “normal” astronaut suit, there comes a time when the suit already seen with Buzz Lightyear is revealed. A scene that surely had to move Chris Evans, because it is identical to the one in Captain America when he also sees his own First Avenger costume for the first time.

When will it be released Lightyear

The new Disney and Pixar movie will be released in the summer of 2022. There is no exact date yet, but it will be during that time of year when we can enjoy Lightyear. A movie that frankly looks great. And it is that only this advance as a teaser trailer makes the hair stand on end when the song of “Starman” begins to sound.

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