Lightyear: here is the first official trailer of the Disney-Pixar film

It goes into infinity and beyond with the first official trailer of Lightyear, the new Disney-Pixar movie inspired by the character of Buzz Lightyear made famous by Toy Story.

As specified by the director Angus MacLane, this Buzz Lightyear (which has the voice of Chris Evans) however is not the toy that we have seen in the animated saga, but it is “the original Buzz”.

It is set in the world of Toy Story but is a sci-fi action film about the character of Buzz Lightyear. Basically in that world it would be the movie that maybe Andy would see and that would make him want Buzz’s toy. It is a thing of its own and autonomous. It’s the film with Buzz Lightyear. He’s that character, but as the original space ranger, not as a toy.

The “real” Buzz Lightyear in the first trailer for the Disney-Pixar movie

But let’s enjoy the first trailer of this kind of โ€œreverseโ€ spin-off.

Basically the Toy Story toy, dubbed in the original version of the four films from Tim Allen (and by Massimo Dapporto in the Italian one), is a toy based on the popular science fiction franchise that is Lightyear with the character who is the captain of the Universe Protection Unit of the Intergalactic Alliance Space Ranger Corps.

Release date of the film

The film will debut in theaters on June 17, 2022.


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