Lightyear’s cat (Pixar) can now be yours at life size

the premiere of Lightyear has brought back all the memories we had when we went to the cinema in 1995 to see that masterful ToyStory. Knowing the origins of the Buzz space command is an experience that we recommend, although new characters appear along the way that we did not have on the radar. Including a robotic cat that delights the little ones with its comic counterpoint in each scene.

Take Sox home

The fact is that when there is a new release of a movie from the Pixar (Disney) factory, we can expect the merchandising to take on the most unimaginable forms. In this case, someone has not settled for a reproduction on a toy scale of Buzz Lightyear’s robotic cat (named Sox) and thought it would be a good idea to do it 1:1. That is, as it is seen in theaters, so you can have it at home.

The fact is that the company Super7 has decided to create this toy that It is a clone of the one you can see in Lightyear since he takes care of every detail so that we do not miss anything. An example? The transport cage, which not only reminds us that it is “Property of Star Command”, but also comes with holes for the animal to breathe. Something that is useless when we carry inside a way of life that does not consume oxygen to live but cables, relays and chips powered by a simple battery.

Available at the end of June

You can buy this Sox toy at the link that we leave you below for a price of 400 dollars, that is, about 380 euros to change, although you will have to add the shipping costs later and it is possible that even some customs extra since it comes of the USA. Even so, surely It’s worth it to get this Sox that has a glowing tail (as in the movie), a synthetic leather collar with an identification tag and a weight of… 11.5 kilos!

Yes, yes, you read that right, because this Sox not only wants to be the same size but to give the feeling that it is real when he catches it. So very careful not to leave it on a high table lest when it falls it breaks into a thousand pieces or, directly, stops working. Well, actually, he’s not going to do it because, as we’ve pointed out before, he doesn’t walk alone, he doesn’t speak, he doesn’t hold conversations… nothing!

Sox, Lightyear's cat.

This actual scale (and weight) Sox is pretty silly so you won’t be able to communicate with him, but at least his little robot mouse is with him whom in the movie he chases to distract himself while Buzz gets him to leave him alone – when he gets especially heavy. A toy destined to decorate some shelf in your house, preferably inside the cage “Property of Star Command” and that for that price they could surely have added some intelligent function.

How about those white noises that in the movie you suggest Buzz play before going to sleep?

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