Ligue 1 TV rights: justice forces Canal+ to continue broadcasting matches

Canal+ has just lost its lawsuit against BeIN Sports. The encrypted channel wishes to break away from its sub-license contract signed with BeIN Sports in 2019. This agreement allowed Canal + to broadcast two L1 matches per day, in exchange for the payment of 332 million euros per season. Finally, Canal+ will have to respect its commitments and above all pay the remaining installments.

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It’s a hell of a legal setback for Canal+. Indeed, the Court of Versailles has just delivered its verdict in the dispute between the encrypted channel and BeIN Sports. Let us first recall the facts. In December 2019, Canal+ signs a partnership with the pay channel, thus authorizing it to broadcast two Ligue 1 matches per day (lot 3 of TV rights for the period 2020-2024). In return, Canal + will have to pay 322 million euros per season to BeIN (which must retrocede the amount to the LFP) in several installments.

Only, a sensational announcement calls everything into question on June 11, 2021: the allocation of the broadcasting of 80% of L1 matches to Amazon for 250 million euros, making the American giant the main broadcaster of French football. As soon as this decision is made official by the LFP, Canal+ sees red and announces that it wants to withdraw from Ligue 1stating that she refuses to “pay the most to broadcast the least”.

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Canal+ must continue to broadcast its L1 matches

Only, acting in this way implies that Canal+ will also not respect the current broadcasting contracts, and in particular the one signed with BeIN Sports. Without surprise, the two entities have decided to settle the matter in courtand in August 2021, a first decision by the Nanterre Commercial Court ruled in favor of BeIN. Canal+ must respect its sub-license agreementand by extension continue the broadcast of the two L1 matches per day and the payment of installments.

Unsurprisingly, Canal+ appealed and the Versailles Court of Appeal also sided with BeIN Sports. In other words, the encrypted channel will have to continue to pay the agreed sums (the monthly payment of 64 million euros for April 5 has already been paid) and to broadcast the two L1 matches per day until the end of the current season. If Canal+ nevertheless decides to be zealous, she will be fined a daily fine of one million euros.

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