Like an eighties movie! Bathers suffer piranha attack

As if from a movie from the 80s it was, a group of pomfret, a carnivorous fish similar to piranha, attacked the bathers on the shores of the Paraná River, in Santa Fe, Argentina, which left at least 30 people injured In her limbs, one of them, a 13-year-old girl, lost a toe.

According to local media, the most affected victim was the minor under 13 years of age whom the doctors they had to amputate his toe Due to the bites, she also underwent a fifth metatarsal graft in a children’s hospital.

There were too many cases because bathers took advantage of the holiday for the National Sovereignty DayIn addition to the fact that in recent days Argentina has faced very high temperatures, so people are looking for where to cool off, such as in the spas of the Setúbal lagoon, on the eastern coast of the capital of Santa Fe, where the event took place.

The authorities ask for extreme precautions

“The natural habitat of the pomfret is the lagoon, and the lack of flow and the alteration due to high temperatures causes the shoal to tip over to the coast,” he explained. Sergio berardi, representative of the Santa Fe Section of the Unique Lifeguard Union. After this, he urged vacationers not to let the little ones get into the water without prior review, so that they do not suffer an incident.

“The first and most effective aid is prevention: do not enter the water when the first case appears,” he continued. You have to understand that the palmettoes are in the water and you have to take advantage of the showers that are in the spa, instead of accessing the river, “he added

According to several experts, the palmettoes are in reproduction during this time of year, because they have a low caudal fin and a prominent jaw with sharp triangular teeth.


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