Like CleanMyMac, this software cleans and optimizes Macs (at -60% for life)

Macs are known to be very fast machines. But over time, they tend to drop in performance. To compensate for this, software like Intego or CleanMyMac allows you to optimize your space to maintain ultimate efficiency.

In the world, there are few reliable software vendors that can clean and effectively clean Macs. In the market, two players stand out for their performance: MacPaw with its CleanMyMac software and Intego with its Washing Machine software. The latter displays this weekend a price to fall backwards, we explain.

Your Mac is starting to slow down but you don’t want to change it? Your Mac is still in good health but you want to preserve it to make it last a few more years? Whatever the reason, having a Mac cleanup tool is essential. It optimizes the space on your disk and improves the speed and performance of your Machine.

For a few days, Intego gives you a good reason to take the leap. Its Washing Machine software is sold at a crazy price: €19.99 instead of €49.99 for a lifetime license. When you know that all the players in this segment sell their software in the form of an annual license, it’s a crazy offer that Intego offers us. For comparison, CleanMyMac costs €39.99…per year.

Discover the Washing Machine

How to optimize your Mac?

Regardless of the type of computer, we tend to accumulate many files and folders over time. However, most of them are not useful. Worse, they slow down the machine by taking up space. We don’t really realize it, but that’s what penalizes Macs. By optimizing all of this, users can have applications 3 times faster. The difference is clear.

How’s it going with software like Intego’s Washing Machine? The latter will do a first scan of your hard drive to identify all the files that are useless. Among them, there are software installation files that are no longer useful (since they are installed), translation files in languages ​​that we never use or even duplicate, triple or even more photos.

All this deserves a major cleaning – which will always be validated upstream by the user. You therefore have no risk of losing your data by mistake. With a tool like CleanMyMac or the Washing Machine, everything is under control. There is no point in running your software every day: it is useful once, twice or three times a year. And that will change everything. Clearly, you can test it for yourself: Intego offers you a 30-day trial, money-back guarantee.

At less than 20€ for a lifetime license, Intego gives us a very nice surprise. Indeed, this software was available a few months ago for an annual subscription. So you have a reduced price here, but also a price for lifetime use. We can only advise you. For comparison, all other Intego software is available for an annual license.

Before any specialist in cybersecurity, Intego publishes a very well-known antivirus. It is sold alone or in a pack that includes several software. Called Mac Premium Bundle X9, this formula includes its antivirus, its Washing Machine, a back-up tool and a parental control tool. It is sold for €29.99 per year instead of €84.99. It’s an annual license, but you buy yourself real peace of mind with this combo.

To discover the Washing Machine, it’s here:

Discover the Washing Machine

To discover CleanMyMac, it’s here:

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